Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year xxxx

Be fucked, sucked, licked and flicked till every part of you tingles in 2010. Enjoy it, and spend the year doing all the dirty things you've always dreamt of doing. Start the new decade making sure you never waste an opportunity for hedonistic pleasure!


Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Birthday Present...

It was his birthday last week. What do you get for the man who literally has everything? I decided on something unique, something I knew he'd never done before, but had confessed he was curious about. I had no idea if it would work, or if he would appreciate it, but I decided to go with it anyway, and that decision started one of the most surreal evenings of my life.

We had been out for dinner and drinks, his favourite restaurant, specially ordered lobster main course with rock oysters to start. I'd offered to drive so he could relax and have a glass or three of champagne and, after some well orchestrated conversation, he was a little horny and very mellow.

We headed back to my place, but as I drove I took a little detour. I told him I was just checking something out and he didn't question it. He tipped his head back, closed his eyes and relaxed. I reached across and stroked his leg, just scraping my nails across the tip of his cock, through the fabric of his trousers, and felt it twitch under my touch. He looked at me and asked 'When can I have you?'.

'Soon enough', I replied, 'I just have another part of your present to sort out'. He knew there was no point questioning me so he tipped his head back and closed his eyes again, savouring my nails stroking his cock.

I drove to the area I know well, from years of working in the town, I was well aware of who frequented these dark streets after daylight had faded. He was still relaxed with his eyes closed, so I took my opportunity to do a quick lap of the busiest streets before I closed in on my 'present'.

When I eventually found her she was gorgeous, not at all what I expected on these streets. I briefly thought 'You could make three times the money with the right marketing (or management) and my god why are you even here?' but then the reason I was there came flooding back. It was for him. And he deserved the best looking girl I could find, regardless of why she was there and how she made her money.

I pulled alongside her, wound down my window and said 'How much to give the birthday boy a blow job while I watch?' She looked through the window at him, and after hearing that, naturally he was wide awake and curious who I had just asked that very specific question. Their eyes met and she smiled, after all he is an incredibly attractive man. She must have been used to men who 'needed' her services rather than wanted them. I noticed some of the men driving around and realised this life would only ever suit a few women. I certainly couldn't have done anything with any of the drivers.

'£40.00 to completion' she answered, in a very business like voice, 'and yes you can watch, you can join in if you want to'. I agreed, thinking how reasonable it was, but then again I'm not aware of what the going rate was!

She opened the rear door and climbed in. I assumed we were going to find somewhere quiet to park the car, but she gave me directions to a house nearby she 'used' when she was working. We drove there in relative silence. He was clearly apprehensive, I was concentrating on driving, and she was working, never expecting a meaningful conversation to be part of the deal. She directed me to a row of small terraced houses and we pulled over at number 170.

The green door had seen better days, the paint on the window was peeling, but it looked clean enough, at least it wasn't boarded up like four others we had passed in the street. She opened the door and went in ahead of us. I was just about to step into the house when I heard her say 'Hi Beryl, alright? Won't be long love'.

I stopped dead in my tracks and turned to look at him. He was grinning like a Cheshire cat, verging on laughing. He gave me a quick nudge and I almost fell into the house, expecting to see Beryl on her sofa. I was definitely not expecting to see Beryl, her husband and two young children all gripped to the TV, not even looking up to see who had just arrived. It must be common for them, second nature to the entire family. I couldn't believe how surreal the experience was becoming.

At this point his smile had slipped and he was back to looking apprehensive, with a teeny bit of astonishment thrown in for good measure. 'This way' she said, and we all climbed the steep, narrow stairs. She took us into the front bedroom, above where Beryl and her family were sitting and all I could think was 'we better keep the noise down'!

She started to take off her clothes and turned to me to say 'I normally take payment before'. I quickly reached into my bag, handed her £40 and watched as she tucked it into her thigh high boots. I then realised I was appearing in a poor mans version of Pretty Woman!

He was lying on the bed with his flaccid cock in his hand, almost praying for an erection. I decided to help him out. I told him to close his eyes and think of me and wrapped my lips around him. He reached into my low top, searching for my hard nipples, as he always did. When he was stiffening in my mouth I took my top off and handed his cock to the professional. She expertly rolled a condom onto it with her mouth and started to suck him, caressing his balls with her free hand.

He reached for my breasts again and I lowered them over his face for him to suck on. I turned to look at her sucking on my mans cock and noticed, although she was the professional, her technique left a lot to be desired. I looked back at him and his eyes were wide open, staring at me, still smiling but having to use his mind, rather than the sensations, to stay hard.

I kissed him hard, passionately, and then looked down at her again. His hands were roaming my body, I could see he was faltering slightly so I helped her out. I massaged his balls and tickled his arse with my nails while she sucked. She then licked his balls while I took him into my mouth, his erection now growing in my mouth. We both licked and sucked at the same time, concentrating on his beautiful cock, while he watched two women working on it. He got harder and harder, and I felt his hand on my back, pressing me down, wanting it deeper. I took his entire length in my mouth as she sucked his balls into hers. I could feel him getting ready to explode, expertly pulled the condom off and replaced it with my mouth again.

His orgasm hit the back of my throat and I caught almost every drop. Some trickled down the shaft onto his balls she was still sucking. She licked it up and looked up at me, winked and moved away.

'You're good' she smiled, as she dressed. 'And he's gorgeous, that was a pleasure.' I smiled back, 'It was for us too, thank you'.

We dressed and as we were leaving she pressed her number into my hand. 'For pleasure, not business, next time'.

We left the same way as we had come, through Beryls lounge, still family filled, and out onto the street. She decided to stay for a cup of tea so she packed us on our way, with a thank you and call me echoing in our ears.

We drove away, laughing. It had certainly been a unique birthday present and one not to be repeated, but it had also been the most surreal sexual experience in a very long time. We talked about it all the way home and fell into bed still laughing. He needed more sex, the reality of the experience was just dawning on him and he was getting turned on thinking about two very beautiful women sucking his cock dry. We made love into the night, with him saying thank you many, many times. If I'd known how much he would appreciate it I wouldn't have bought him that expensive fountain pen!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Layby ...

We drove into the quiet lay by assuming it was empty. It was well hidden from the road and it was late at night. We were bound to be alone, weren't we? No. We weren't. There were seven cars parked a good distance apart, three trucks interspersed the cars. I looked at him nervously and asked if we should just go home or find somewhere quieter. He smiled, winked at me reassuringly and said 'And miss all the fun?' I knew what he meant and nervously smiled back.

The thought of performing terrified me, but thrilled me too. It was something I had been hoping to try for a while but hadn't dared to broach the subject. Which man would want his woman to perform for other men and be comfortable? My man apparently! We pulled over into a space not too close to any other vehicle. He seemed to know exactly what he was doing and the etiquette involved and turned on and off the interior light. Apparently, that meant there would be a show starting soon and I was the show! It took another five to ten minutes for anyone to move, or come anywhere near the car, the anticipation was palpable. Once one moved they all did. Before I knew it, I had eight men standing around the car. I checked the doors were firmly locked and looked at him expectantly.

He pulled down my top to reveal my bra and reached into one of the cups, tweaking hard on a nipple. 'Go with it' he whispered, so I did. He pulled my bra down and pulled out my breasts, one hard nipple at a time. He leaned over and sucked on them while I closed my eyes. I was avoiding making eye contact with the men leering into the car, but I also wanted to watch what our show was doing to them. It was a dilemma, eventually solved when a man tapped gently on the window and showed me, quite proudly, his fully erect cock in his hand, and he slid his fingers slowly back and forth.

I couldn't resist watching him and after that, I was compelled to watch them all as I was gradually exposed to them, fingered, and probed, licked and sucked. He spread my legs wide putting my feet on the dashboard to open me for the voyeurs. His fingers slid easily in and out of me, my juices soaking his hand. The feeling was sublime, but the audience heightened every sensation. I got wetter as I looked around me, the crowd now increased to ten.

More cars were pulling into the lay by and I wasn't sure where I would draw the line and get scared, but everyone seemed engrossed in the show, not remotely interested in taking it further or causing any trouble. More men arrived around the car, straining to see, every vantage point filled by eager faces, their hands grabbing and pulling on cocks attached to men I couldn't see properly.

My nipples were being sucked hard, very hard, being pulled into his mouth. He looked at me and whispered 'Do you want the window down?’ I looked deep into his eyes and, for no apparent reason I trusted his judgement. I wound the window down next to me. Three hands eagerly pushed through the gap I had created, clamouring to reach me, to touch any art of me they could find. Random hands touched me, finding my breasts, my nipples and one boldly reaching down to my pussy and sliding a finger between my lips. I gasped. I couldn't see the faces of the men touching me. I couldn't see their bodies properly in the dark. I couldn't tell if they were young or old, clean or dirty, fat or thin. Everything was faceless; these hands belonged to no one, these hands touching me, caressing me, pleasuring me. At that point, I didn't care. These people could be anyone and I didn't care. Me!! The choosy, fussy, ridiculous woman with high expectations, who never let anyone touch me unless they had earned the right. Now three strangers were playing with different parts of me and I didn't care.

He was watching the ecstasy on my face, watching the excitement, the pleasure, knowing having strangers touch me was making me wetter than I've ever been. I couldn't take much more, I was so close to cumming, and the hand between my lips was expertly rubbing my clit. He slid two fingers into me and rubbed my g spot, making me gasp aloud. A gruff voice outside laughed and mumbled 'Cor she's liking that'. Many of them grunted in agreement. One hand on my nipple moved away and was quickly replaced by another.

'Get on your knees' he said, 'Suck me now'. I did as I was told, knelt on my seat, and leaned down over his cock, naturally aiming my round bum towards the window. My skirt was pulled up immediately by more than one hand, revealing my bare cheeks and stockings. Several hands scrambled to reach my pussy lips. Several fingers pushed into me, rubbed me, stroked my tight puckered hole, pressed, thrust, and fingered every part of me. Desperately trying to get any contact they could with the only female in the lay by, wanting to touch me so they could smell me, experience what I felt like, possibly taste me off their own fingers, and in so doing it felt like an octopus had been let loose in my pants. So many fingers, so many sensations, I couldn't believe how it felt but literally within seconds these faceless strangers had me cumming, a massive gut churning orgasm, a guttural moan escaping from deep within me but, unlike a lover, these fingers didn't cease. They didn't let up for a second, or gently hold me, letting me come down from the huge release. They continued relentlessly pushing, thrusting, and fingering me until it was almost painful. I tried to move out of their way but, of course, from their accessible position they followed me. There was no escaping them, and they knew that. The followed every move I made, not losing contact with me at any point, rubbing harder when they realised I was trying to move.

All the time I had been sucking hard on his cock. I had been licking it and stroking it with my mouth, swirling my tongue around the tip. Now he could sense I was fidgeting, and he pulled my head up by my hair and looked into my eyes. 'Suck them' he said. I shook my head and he repeated firmly 'Turn around and suck them'.

I couldn't believe what he was expecting me to do but I was delirious and drunk on the situation. I was on a high I couldn't explain. Like a drug, it had taken away my rational thought so I did what he said.

I found myself turning around and reaching for the first cock that was pushed near my open hand. I pulled him to me. It was small, uncircumcised, and not terribly attractive as cocks go. It smelt clean so I curled my lips over the tip and started to suck. I had no idea who it belonged to. I yet again didn't care. I sucked for just a few seconds before I heard him groan, felt his cock twitch and he pulled away, shooting his cum down the side of the car. Someone else immediately pushed him to one side. A much bigger cock replaced his and was pushed into my mouth making me gag. I had no idea how many I was meant to suck, when was I supposed to stop, could I refuse, what was the etiquette? I had no idea and he hadn't told me so I continued with my task and sucked him deep into my mouth. It tasted nice, different from the first. It was incredibly hard which turned me on a great deal, and was actually a pleasure to suck. He also didn't take very long; clearly, the show had made quite an impression on all the voyeurs. However, this time he didn't pull away and waste his cum down the side of the car. He put his hand on the back of my head and pushed my mouth down onto his throbbing cock. I felt it contracting inside me and the he exploded down my throat. The salty liquid hit the back of my mouth, his cock was pushing further down, making me gag while I tried to swallow it all and attempt to breathe. He released my head and I pulled away gasping for air. Just as I thought I was going to get a moments rest my mouth was filled again, another cock roughly forced between my lips, thankfully smaller than the last. I sucked again, knowing he was already close to finishing. I opened my eyes briefly and looked around. I saw many cocks being wanked close to my face, and just as I closed them again, waiting for the next load to be spurted down my throat, I felt something hit my face, something hot, sticky and wet landed on my cheek as one of the cocks being wanked nearby had burst over me. With spunk dripping off my face the cock in my mouth contracted. I braced myself for the mouthful but he pulled back and shot it all over my face, adding to the liquid already dripping off me. As soon as he did, and wiped the last drops on me, some more sprayed my face. The man standing behind him had clearly wanked too close to the edge and covered my face.

Three loads of cum dripping off my face soon became five as two more men stepped forward to empty all over me. I was covered and feeling filthy. At that point a strange mans finger tenderly stroked my face and circled my lips, he pushed it inside my mouth, taking the cocktail of cum with it and swirled his finger around my tongue, making me suck it clean. He repeated the action and I sucked hungrily on it, cleaning every drop off his finger, and tasting five men. He then did the same but this time with his cock, scooping the cum mixture up on his hard member and shoving it into my eager mouth. I cleaned it and sucked him to orgasm quickly while they all watched me, transfixed by how much I loved it. He came quickly all over my face and I looked around. Cocks were still being wanked; some men were on their second time, their cocks staying hard after I had finished them off earlier.

I felt my soaking wet pussy being opened up and stretched apart from behind. He had just been watching what I was doing, stroking his cock while he let me do whatever I wanted to do. He was now clearly feeling neglected and wanted to join in again. He stretched me wide, slid two fingers into me, and buried his face in between my cheeks. He lapped at my flowing juices and spread them to my tight hole, easily slipping a finger in. With two in my pussy and one in my arse, I was feeling full but not full enough. I wanted his cock in me! I pushed back against his hand and face and wiggled my encouragement. I wanted more, much more and now I was feeling filthy I wanted everything he had to give.

I turned around so he could see all the cum drying on my face. He smiled. 'Get out of the car' he said. I did as I was told and stepped out into the crowd. They respectfully stepped aside and let me pass. Their cocks were still held proudly in their hands. I knelt at the front of the car and he pushed his delicious cock into my waiting mouth. He threw his head back and held onto my hair as he pumped my face. I stroked his balls just as he loves and sucked hungrily on him. His cock tasted so much better, this cock I know so well.

His hands moved down to my shoulders and lifted me up to face him. He kissed me hard on the lips, tasting some of the cocktail of cum drying on me. He turned me round, lifted my skirt, and bent me over the bonnet of the car. It felt warm from the engine, my bare breasts pressed into the metal with his hand on my back. He pushed my skirt up to my waist and slowly, gently slipped his cock into my soaking pussy. I groaned in pleasure as I was filled. It felt sublime. I wanted him to fuck me so much in front of all these strangers. Their cocks, still in their hands, bounced in the darkness, as they wanked furiously. Some men were stroking slowly, gripping their cock to stop them cumming. I smiled; the show was exciting them so much they were all desperate to put their spunk somewhere. The thrill of knowing so many people were horny because of us was the most amazing feeling.

His cock twitched deep inside me and my muscles reacted by squeezing him tight. He withdrew his cock to the tip, holding it tantalisingly close to the entrance of my pussy, as I tried to push back to feel him in me. He waited, while all the men watched to see what was coming next. He slammed his cock back into me, harder than he has ever thrust into me. He knocked the breath out of me. My hands searched for something to grasp on to but only found the warm metal of the car bonnet. He pulled out and slammed back into me again, a groan escaping from my throat and then he proceeded to fuck me hard and fast. Banging into me, holding my hips with one hand, pressing me into the warm metal with his other. My legs were trembling with the force of his thrusting; he was almost lifting me off my feet.

His fingers slid up my back and scooped up a handful of hair. He pulled hard on it and lifted my head back. As he pulled, my body lifted from the bonnet and he stopped at the exact moment my tits were free and swinging under me, with my nipples just catching the metal. The men moved to watch them swing, not knowing what to watch as he fucked my pussy hard, repeatedly. My tits were bouncing with each thrust. I strained against his hand pulling my hair, trying to get my nipples closer to the bonnet. He wouldn't loosen his grip so I moved my hands to my nipples and pulled on them, squeezing them and rolling them in my fingers. I glanced around at all the cocks wanking but didn't look at any of the faces. Before I knew it, my fingers had been knocked away by two other hands. They saw it as an invitation to move in. My nipples were squeezed harder and pulled until they were painful, but with my pussy filled and being slammed so hard, and being watched by so many men, my body sensations were on fire, everything hurt but was overwhelmed by the pleasure of the entire situation.

At that point I felt another hand on my pussy. My clit was being rubbed hard while I was pumped. I was already so close to cumming but the strange finger was expertly rubbing exactly where I loved, and I knew I would have to release it soon, I was trying to hold on, savouring the cliff edge I was teetering on.

He had slipped a finger into my tight hole while he was fucking me. He'd used my flowing juices to lubricate it. He slid his cock out of my pussy and pressed it against me. I pushed back, wanting him deep inside my arse. The finger on my clit slowed while he watched his cock slide slowly into me. Inch by inch he eased it in. Once his cock had disappeared completely into me, the finger increased its pace again. He pulled out and thrust into me again and as he did, I exploded with an enormous orgasm. I pushed back into him and nearly slid off the bonnet as I lost my footing. He carried on thrusting, pushing me back onto the car, the finger continued to rub as my orgasm gradually began to subside, and my nipples, still being pulled and squeezed, were on fire, but I felt another one building. I needed another one too!

I could feel his cock contracting in my arse, his thrusts came faster, and harder, I knew he was close. At that point another man, long cock in hand, stepped up to the bonnet. He wanked it furiously and spurted his cum all over my face and the car. I opened my mouth to catch some of it and it landed on my eager lips. At that point the reality of the erotic picture we were all creating took over. My arse was being fucked very hard, my sore clit was being rubbed, my nipples were squeezed until they were burning, and I had strangers cum all over my face. I was about to cum again and so was he. He gripped my hips and slammed into me, even deeper than before, as he came, shooting it as far into me as he could. I came at the same time, my muscles contracting and draining every last drop out of him and into me.

My legs gave way with exhaustion and I slid off the bonnet onto my knees. He stood back and invited the remaining cocks to cum on my tits. They each took a step forward and one by one wanked as I watched. Six men came forward to empty their balls on my round breasts. The liquid splashed on me and I rubbed it into my soft skin. As each stepped forward to finish off on me I smiled at how many men were so turned on by our show. The last cock presented in front of my face was the big one I'd sucked earlier, and rather than wanking over me, he pushed it into my mouth again. I instinctively sucked it, holding it, and wanking it with my mouth and hand. Before long it contracted between my lips and he pulled it out and emptied his balls all over me, to join the cum of so many already rubbed into my skin. He splashed onto me, wiped his cock on my cheek, and walked away. I looked around and realised all the men had gone. In the distance engines were starting, lights were being turned on.

I looked up at him and he smiled. He lifted me to my feet and kissed my lips. He looked into my mascara-smeared eyes, stroked my cum-covered face, and said 'Perfect!' My exhaustion took over and I slumped against him. He took me to the car, pulled my top up to cover my wet breasts, started the engine, and took me home to bed.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Revolutionary Toy...

Everyone knows I'm partial to my toys, and have always been open and honest about the fun I have with myself, as well as with my partner/s. I guess that's part of my Mistress appeal :)

My favourite site on the planet, and the ONLY place I buy my toys, have just launched the most revolutionary plaything since the Rampant Rabbit! Toys have always been fun to a certain degree, and obviously penetration has been forefront in the minds of the designers, but there has never been anything that could simulate oral sex so well that I would prefer it to the real thing, but it is here! Finally!! :)

I have had some stunning oral sex in my time, and my latest mantoy was especially good at it, but obviously I can't see him every day, and sometimes its a pleasure to replicate that sensation.

Until now there has been no way of doing it.

The new 'gadget' and my new lesbian friend is Sqweel :)

Sqweel doesn't vibrate, it doesn't thrust, it doesn't do semi-satisfying orgasms. Instead its unique wheel of tongues provides easily controlled stimulation at the speed you need for deeper, long lasting, real sheet-clenching orgasms. You just need to add lube, flick the switch and away you go.

Its fantastic alone, and even with your partner, starting on the slowest setting and building up to a sensual climax, not the usual 'rush job' received with most toys or clitoral stimulators. But it can also be used on other parts of the body, the nipples, the neck and of course on him. My guy absolutely loved it on his balls while I was pleasuring him :) Try it on everything, its the sort of sensation you could never get tired of :)

It comes beautifully boxed, and would make a perfect Christmas present for your lover/partner/wife/girlfriend/mistress :)

I've been blown away with the quality of the product, the revolutionary design and of course how it works :)

Its cute, its pink, it works, what more does a girl need?

Check it out on Love Honeys website. And order one before they all sell out :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

A followers story....

Apparently my Naked Sunbathing post inspired a reader to tell of a lunchtime illicit encounter and he asked me to post it on my site for my followers, because it might upset too many people on his blog :) I happily obliged. Hope you enjoy it.


The Lunch Break

We had arrived at work together that morning, nothing unusual about that, I gave her a lift to work most mornings, a favour to a friend. But what they didn’t know was how passionately we had kissed, her tongue searching my mouth, my arms crushing her dainty body, my hands encircling her slim waist, her hands rubbing the front of my trousers, my hardness straining against the thin material. Reluctantly we broke away and drove to work as if nothing had happened.

All through the morning we experienced a building of anticipation, a sexual electricity between us, hands brushing furtively as we passed each other in the corridor, even managing to pinch her bottom, hearing her intake of breath and girlish giggle.

Lunchtime arrived I left in the car, she had already left on foot, we met secretly a short distance away where she had crossed the railway foot bridge. Laughing we drove away to our secret place on the heath. I parked the car, holding hands like teenagers I took the blanket from the boot and we skipped away.

I spread the blanket on the ground and took in the sight of my beautiful lover. She was dressed as usual in an immaculate business suit, white blouse, six inch high heels. She smiled at me in that coy way she knew turned me on stepped off her high platform looked up at me and kissed me plunging her tongue deep in my mouth.

She took off her suit jacket and her white blouse and hung them on a bush, she ripped my shirt from my body and hung it on the bush too, we were like two gypsies. Then she reached behind and undid her bra to reveal her firm breasts and hard rosebud nipples.

She quickly ripped off the rest of my clothes which joined the others on the bush. Quick as a flash my cock was in her hand and she was rubbing me. I turned her round undid the zip of her skirt which fell to the ground revealing her stockings and suspenders. I knelt and slowly pulled down her knickers. She turned and I saw that thin wisp of red pubic hair that was like an arrow pointing to her honey pot, as if I needed directions.

Her hands grasped the back of my head, her legs parted slightly and my tongue found a home. As I gorged on her wet pussy she moaned. 'I want you inside me' she whispered as she sank to her knees and lay, legs apart tweaking her nipples, on our love blanket.

I needed no further invitation and my hard cock was twitching. I easily slipped inside her and began to pump her hot wet pussy. She quickly picked up my rhythm and her legs clamped around my back. Her movement drew me deeper inside her and her pussy muscles tightened around my throbbing cock.

By now we were oblivious to our surroundings only the union of our bodies mattered. Faster and faster we slammed into each other. Then I felt it her pussy tighten, her nails dug into my back, she was about to cum. The pleasure pain heightened my own desire and I exploded inside her as her legs shook around me and her long nails raked my back.

Finally our passion subsided enough for us to realise we had to go. Retrieving our clothes from the bush we dressed quickly. I picked up the blanket, her hand went to my pocket grabbing my still semi-hard cock and rubbing. Stepping into her shoes again she was equal to my height. 'You have a problem' she whispered in my ear. 'I know' I said, 'my cock is still hard and showing'. 'No' she said, 'your shirt is stained with blood'. 'Shit I have a sales meeting this afternoon', and I hadn’t brought a jacket as it was a warm day.

'Quick back to the car, we’ll get you a new shirt'. A trip to the local shops and I was kitted out with a brand new white shirt. We were slightly late back from lunch but no-one noticed.

I never did find out if my wife (now ex) ever noticed my change of shirt. That was 25 years ago, but committing it to paper now it could have been yesterday.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Naked sunbathing 2.....

The latest warm weather has brought me more opportunity for lying in my field :)

Normally I go to my special place on my own. Its my secret sanctuary in the countryside. Its blissfully quiet, green fields as far as the eye can see. The gentle breeze skims across the long grass, carrying the sound of crickets hiding in the undergrowth. The sound is remarkably relaxing, like teeny tiny baby rattles being shaken vigorously in the distance.

Today was slightly different, for the first time I was sharing my field, with sheep, but who in their right mind would object to that? The sun was high in the sky, not a cloud to be seen, and the breeze gently caressed me and cooled my skin.

I had been lying there for a little while, being watched cautiously by the sheep, obviously wondering where my wool was, when I got a text from a very good 'friend' of mine. I hadn't seen him for a while, he was busy 'sorting' things out with his marriage. It was lovely to hear from him, I'd missed our fun.

I told him I was naked sunbathing, assuming he'd be caught up at the office, and never thinking for a minute he would be free. Half an hour later we were both naked sunbathing, in a farmers field full of sheep.

He was restless, men always are when there is sunbathing to be done. It must be a girl thing, lazing around, soaking up the sun, doing nothing else. Men are great at doing all of that in front of a TV sports channel, but get twitchy when its just lying in a field. I assumed it was that anyway, but when his fingers gently tweaked my nipple I realised it was because he was lying next to me, naked and glistening.

Naturally my sensitive nipple responded immediately. He reached across and pulled on the other one too. They stood erect, anticipating more attention. I moaned softly and shifted on my towel. Maybe it was because I had been sunbathing for a while, and my nipples had caught a little too much sun, or maybe because the fresh air made me extra horny, but they seemed overly sensitive today. I tingled from my head to my toes when he put his mouth over one and started to suck, knowing exactly how I like it.

His hand drifted down my body, skimming my skin, finding my lips wet and eager to be parted. I spread my legs accommodatingly, relishing the breeze, feeling like it was blowing directly into me. It was cooling the moisture against my skin and took my breath away, touching me with its windy fingers. He parted my lips and the breeze delved deeper into me, closely followed by his fingers. He rubbed my clit gently and slid two fingers deep into me. I moaned, louder this time, hoping no ramblers or farmers would hear me, but then not caring, knowing I would be making more noise soon.

He pushed his fingers in and out of me, increasing the speed and spreading my moisture around. He pulled them out, rubbed hard and fast on my clit, then plunged them back into me. The sun was beating down on my skin, my breasts getting hotter with the rays and the passion building in me. He kissed me hard, searching my mouth, pressing me into the long grass. He spread my legs further apart, letting the air finger me, spreading me wide and touching every inch of me, the imaginary friend in the horny threesome. He offered me to the wind to be opened and examined by it, pushing his fingers into every crevice with his breezy friend cooling my juices and making me shiver. My whole body was warm, verging on hot, overheating in some parts but freezing in others, wherever my wetness settled.

He spread my juices onto my hard nipples, watching them stiffen even more in the breeze. He sucked the juices off them, pulling them into his mouth and biting gently. I could feel his cock pressing against me, his pre cum tracing lines along my skin. He slid his fingers deeper into me and whispered 'I need to be in there', flicking his fingers, just catching my g spot and making me smile. He climbed on top of me, spread my legs wide and thrust his long cock deep into me.

I moaned and cried out with pleasure. I had been aching for a cock in me since I arrived in the field. The heat was unforgiving, getting hotter by the minute, and as he pounded into me, making me gasp with every hard thrust, our sweat mingled. It was dripping off him and I could feel it landing on me, my own ran down my back, pooling on the grass, soaking into my towel. It ran down every crevice, tickling, stroking me, sticking us together, but the intense heat made it bearable, coupled with the heightened sensations all over my body, it made it excitingly sensuous.

It felt naughty out in the open air, we could have been seen at any time by hikers, ramblers or farmers, not to mention the microlight aircraft that had flown overhead several times, but I didn't care. Fifty people could have been stood around us and I wouldn't have noticed. The long grass tickled me, the sweat trickled off me, the breeze caressed me, and the hard cock pounded into me, over and over.

He had pinned my hands above my head while he fucked me, watching my breasts bounce up and down. He pulled one of my hands down between my legs and I knew he wanted to watch me rub myself while he was deep inside me. I obliged, and in a matter of seconds I was ready to cum. He knew the sensation, feeling the contractions of my pussy muscles around his cock. He slammed into me, harder and harder, and I came on his cock, a long, intense, amazing cum. He felt it and followed me, exploding deep inside me. Gasping, with one last hard thrust, he was spent. He collapsed on top of me and we lay in the long grass until we could breathe again.

I have to let him know next time I go sunbathing, what a shame we live in England with dreadful weather :)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Interesting video....

I have recently started playing with a new and very exciting lover, watch this space for more details.

I showed him a video I had watched many times on the net, that not only fascinates me, but turns me on a great deal.

Since we watched it, we have tried it several times, and found the technique truly does work. The man in the video is a god! lol. I would love to thank him personally, but there is no need, as my new lover is getting all the thanks, ten fold :)

We said it would be lovely to share this video with the blogging world, and my Twitter friends, and hope that they manage to achieve this state of ecstasy, because it really is worth the effort!

Please study closely, and enjoy. Its not for the faint hearted, its pornographic, but if you're reading my blog you shouldn't be prudish :)

Enjoy! :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Naked sunbathing 1......

I had done my naked sunbathing for the day, everyone who follows my blog knows how much I love to lie in the open air naked, getting tickled by long grass getting an all over tan. I was already horny when I left the field, but had no idea what would happen on my journey home.

I was driving back, all hot and sweaty, and wet, when I saw a car parked in a field up ahead. I live in the countryside so I'm always aware of random vehicles parked in obscure places. If its not a tractor then it should be investigated so I slowly cruised past, looked into the opening of the field and saw the Saab parked, two doors open with a man standing next to the passenger door.

It was hard to establish exactly what was happening, but his stature and the direction he was facing, gave me a clue. I have been there many times myself, and I knew what was about to take place. I drove a little further on, heading in the direction of my house, but that sublime twitching in my pussy made me pull the car over to the side of the road. I had no time to lose and reversed into an adjacent field, hid the car beneath a tree and walked towards their car, to see what was really happening.

I peered through the bushes, the hedgerow hiding me and my car, but giving me just enough space to see them well. He was indeed stood at the passenger door, the door was open, and a beautiful woman was sat, twisted to the open door, on the seat. His cock was buried deep in her mouth and his head was now thrown back in ecstasy.

I settled into the bush, pushing slightly further to get a better view and watched her expert technique and his expression, my hand finding its way under my skirt, stroking the soaked lips I found beneath.

He pulled her out of the car and kissed her hard, his cock twitching in the sunlight as he did. She wrapped her hand around him and started rubbing his erection, obviously saying something to him as he kissed her neck, transferring the attention of his hands further down her body. He turned her around and pushed her against the car, placing her hands on the roof and spreading her legs like a policeman about to search a suspect. He reached under her skirt and slid his fingers between her lips, kissing her neck from behind. Her skirt seemed to be hindering his movement, so he quickly pulled on it, yanking it down to her ankles, leaving her naked cheeks open to the elements and increasing the risk of them being caught exposed.

Her perfect arse looked stunning in the afternoon sunshine, with his straight, hard cock nudging between her cheeks. He bent her forward over the passenger seat, pushing her partly into the car, and swiftly slipped his bare cock deep inside her. I gasped, knowing how that would feel and wished he was in me. He wasn't terribly attractive but what he was doing made me want to join them so much. I resisted the urge to bound across the field like a young puppy and beg to fuck them both!

Instead I settled down and spread my legs, rubbing my clit and fingering my pussy in rhythm with every thrust he made.

I could faintly hear their panting, and her moans as he thrust harder and harder, holding her hips. He leaned over and spoke to her and they both stood up. She moved to the front of the car, in full view of the road and anyone who might be passing, and kissed him hard, then turned, bent herself over the bonnet, spread her cheeks wide and offered herself to him.

"Good girl" I whispered under my breath.

He took the offer and mounted her over the car, banging into her hard. Her breasts, free from her blouse, were rubbing against the hot metal, her face pressed into it with his hand on her neck, holding her down. Her moans were coming loud and fast now. I could see the expression on both faces, and could feel my own orgasm building. I had not expected a free live sex show today, but I couldn't have found a more accommodating couple.

I could see their climax building and wanted to try to be quiet so I didn't disturb them, but as they got more and more frantic, louder and faster, I felt myself tip over the edge and called out in pleasure. Just as I did they both came too, immediately stopped moving, still shuddering, and looked in my direction. I kept perfectly still, making sure they couldn't see me but trembling with the after effects of my orgasm.

They collapsed over the car, holding each other for a moment, and moved away to straighten their clothes. She giggled and pointed to her thighs, his cum obviously running down her legs.

They made to leave in the car, as I returned to mine. I drove to the entrance of my field just as they drove past. I saw them both look at me and she turned to look at him. I wondered what would have happened if I hadn't stayed hidden in the bush.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

That shop again.....

I sent him a text, simply saying 'Want it?'

I was in town shopping, minding my own business, when suddenly my pussy twitched. This happened often, sometimes too often, during mundane tasks when sex hadn't even crossed my mind.

The text came back before I even had time to leave the shop I was in. 'Yes, now!'

I crossed the square and pushed open the door. He was stood talking very dull business with a customer. He looked up, smiled and said 'I'll be with you in a minute'. I grinned and turned away, thinking to myself 'you'll be in me in a minute!'

The customer took what he needed and headed out of the door. I dropped the latch behind him. 'I need filling' I said, smiling. 'So do I!!' he laughed, a wicked look in his eyes. We ran to the store room and stripped naked, with no airs and graces, no romance, no need for words. I always loved to look at him naked. All that time he spent in the gym had really paid off. His body was firm, muscly and perfect in every way, and always looked even hotter with his gorgeous cock standing straight out in front of him.

We kissed, hard, passionately, searching each others mouths with our tongues. He pulled me away and moved to his gym bag, stored under his desk. He pulled out a purple dildo, with straps attached, each sporting plastic pink daisies. So cute!!

He had mentioned he wanted fucking a few times, but he hadn't got to the point of telling me he had a strap on, especially a cute purple and pink flowery one! I laughed, here in front of me stood a gorgeous body builder, naked, muscles rippling, holding a flowery dildo and smiling.

'Turn round and bend over' I said. He immediately did as he was told. I stepped into the straps and pulled the phallus into place. Once firmly adjusted I stood back and admired the view. I definitely get penis envy when I have a plastic dildo attached to me. I stroked it, wishing I could feel the sensations of a real cock.

He was bent over his stool, his perfect arse high in the air, wiggling, inviting me to enter him. His fingers were spreading his cheeks wide for me, it was so horny watching this man offer himself up to be fucked. I knelt down and buried my tongue and face in his ass, he moaned.

I rimmed him for a while, tongue fucking his smooth hole, relishing the noises he was making, unconsciously stroking my own fake cock, almost wanking myself to get hard before I fucked him. I'd seen guys do it before and loved watching them slowly stroke the full length in preparation for sliding it into me, and here I was doing exactly the same.

I wanked his cock at the same time as my own. Licking and tonguing his hole I reached under and pumped his cock hard. I rubbed the end of it, feeling how wet it now was, and taking some of the juice onto my finger, I smeared it around his crack, sliding it into him, spreading his pre-cum in his puckered opening.

I tongued him a little longer, tasting his juice before standing up and gently edging the tip of my cock into him. He pushed back, easing it in at his own pace. The resistance nudged the cock back into me, rubbing my clit, pressing on it, sending waves of pleasure through me. I didn't want to release the pressure so I just wriggled from side to side, rubbing my clit. He pushed again, urging me to plunge deeper into him. I edged away, enjoying my own pleasure for a while. He thrust his arse back again, so I slapped him hard on his perfectly round cheek. Because of that he increased the pressure, backing into me, wanting to be fucked and spanked but not knowing which he wanted more.

I spanked him hard again, leaving a red hand print on him, and pulled back for a second before slamming my hard plastic cock deep into him. He moaned, with pleasure and pain, as I stretched his hole wide. I started to pump into him, banging my fake balls against his. 'Rub yourself' I said. His hand closed around his rock hard cock and started to slowly slide up and down.

The dildo was pressing on my clit with every thrust, so I increased the speed, slamming into him hard each time, to make it rub me over and over. He was moaning and rubbing his cock harder and faster now. He was getting close to cumming so, naturally, I stopped, frustrating him and watching him deflate with disappointment.

I pulled out and told him to turn over. He sat on the stool, leaning back against the wall and obediently spread his legs wide, like a woman. I could watch him rub his cock while I fucked him now, bringing me double the pleasure.

I slid my plastic erection back into him and watched him wrap his fingers around his hard, wet cock. 'Rub it hard' I said and looking from his eyes to his cock, and back to his eyes, I increased the pace of my fucking, feeling it press into my clit again. He closed his eyes. I knew he was close, so was I. I fucked him harder and harder and reached down between his legs, pulling hard on his balls, digging my nails in and scraping them across the skin of his sack.

That tipped him over the edge and as he started to spurt his spunk all over his chest and tummy I slammed into him one last time and the feeling came flooding over me on the final thrust. Holding onto his legs to steady myself I shook with my orgasm. I stroked his balls gently one more time and he pulled hard on my nipple with one hand while rubbing his hot sticky cum into my tits with his other.

I withdrew the purple phallus from him, and stood holding it for a while, my hand wrapped around its length, just as his had been around his own magnificent cock. 'I want a real one of these' I smiled. He stroked his, now flaccid, penis and said 'You can have this one' and instantly it started to harden again.

He closed the shop for the rest of the day.

The Shopkeeper.....

There is something very illicit about having a sexual encounter with a married man in his workplace, but it doesn't often happen. The men I tend to date are successful business men, company directors, lawyers etc. Engineering a visit to their office is difficult, with staff and secretaries keeping a keen eye out for the busty blonde arriving in the seamed stockings. So, when the opportunity arises for me to misbehave in a mans workplace, I jump at the chance.

I started seeing him a while ago, and we had enjoyed each others company a few times at my place and out in the spring sunshine. We had managed the occasional passionate kiss, or play, behind his counter in the shop, but I needed more, and I knew he did. I had been dying to fuck him in his shop, but without blinds at the windows it would be fairly obvious. His shop was in the middle of a busy town, with lots of people passing by and looking in, and a married man shouldn't be seen with his cock buried deep in a blondes mouth, in the middle of his premises! :) I knew he was reluctant to do more, but we'd created an insatiable passion for each other during our meetings at home and outside.

As usual, I decided to take matters into my own hands. As risky as it was, I simply had to do it.

I walked into his shop, turned and closed the door, locking it behind me. He looked up and smiled, a horny afternoon is always something to smile about, but when it is a surprise, totally unexpected, it creates a sensation within that is hard to beat.

I opened my coat to reveal my underwear, the black and red bra, panties and suspender belt, the black, seamed stockings and high red heels. Smiling, I asked 'Are you busy?'

He pushed open the door behind his counter, leading to his store room, and answered, 'Never too busy for a woman who flashes me, step this way.'

I went to pass him through the door and, as he caught the smell of my perfume, he reached out, turned my head to his and kissed me hard. I pulled away and looked deep into his eyes. 'Wanna fuck?' I whispered.

He pushed me into the room, almost pushing me off my 6 inch heels. He pinned me up against the wall, letting the door slam behind him. Pressing himself into me, grinding his groin against mine, his strong hands took my arms and lifted them above my head, holding them tight against the wall.

I was breathless at his strength, and the pressure he was using to push me into the wall. He kissed me hard, roughly forcing his tongue into my mouth, spreading my lips and teeth, searching for my tongue to suck on. Almost crushing me with his weight he held my hands tight above me and with his free hand he started pulling at my bra, roughly pushing the cups aside to reach my now very erect nipples.

I could feel his hard cock, straining in the confines of his trousers, grinding against me. His hands ripping at the fabric covering my huge tits. Pulling hard on my nipples he made me yelp, but with pleasure more than pain. He freed both tits without removing my bra, they were pushed up and together by the wires cupping them, he could suck hard on both nipples at once while he still held my arms above me. He bit and sucked them, making me moan and struggle against his hand, pinning me to the wall.

His free hand was now pulling my panties to one side. He slid his finger between my lips to feel how wet I was. When he realised I was soaking from his rough treatment he pulled back, looked into my eyes and smiled. He knew I would be wet from it, he knew me too well.

He increased the pressure on my arms, kissed me harder, and roughly pushed his fingers deep into me. More juices began to flow, his hand was soaked. He pulled it out and licked a finger, then smeared the rest of my juice all over my lips and face, smudging what was left of my lipstick. He kissed me again, forcing his fingers into my mouth along with his tongue. He pulled back while I was sucking hungrily on him said 'Dirty bitch'. I smiled, continued to suck on them and bit one of his fingers.

He sharply withdrew his hand from my mouth and pushed it, even harder this time, into my pussy. Pulling one of my nipples into his mouth, he bit hard, making me cry out and struggle against him.

'Thought you wanted to fuck' he said, a wicked grin spreading across his gorgeous face. 'Make me' I snapped. He laughed at me and in one move he had me bent over his desk, my hands pinned down with one arm. He kicked my legs apart, ripped my panties from me, and thrust his fingers deep inside me, making me gasp with the strength in his muscle bound body.

He released my hands and I tried to turn round, in a faux attempt to stop him finger fucking me, even though I was loving every minute of it. He spanked me hard on the arse with his free hand. He pushed me down into his desk, leaned over and, close to my ear, as close as he could get, he whispered 'Don't move slut'. I grinned and stayed exactly where I was.

With his fingers deep in my dripping wet pussy he pulled his cock free from his now very wet trousers. I had felt how hard it had been and when he released it he moaned in pleasure. He quickly replaced his fingers with his throbbing, bulging cock. Not gently, but in one swift thrust he was in me. My wet pussy closed around him, pulling him in deeper.

He scooped up my hair and pulled my head back to meet his, my tits were dangling free, just rubbing the desk with my nipples. He leaned into my ear again, while he was buried ball deep in me. 'Want it hard slut?' he asked. I nodded. 'Tell me' he snapped. 'Fuck me hard' I whispered, finding it hard to speak because I was breathless with excitement.

His hand landed on my arse cheek again, shocking me with the speed, the sound and the severity of it.

'Not good enough' he said sharply. 'I want to hear you beg for it, beg for my hard cock.' I strained to turn to look at him but he pushed my head down onto the desk again. 'BEG' he shouted. So I did as I was told, because it was exactly what I had gone there for. I started to beg. 'Fuck me, please fuck me hard, I want your hard cock slamming into my pussy, I need to be fucked cos I'm your dirty slut'. I could hardly get my words out of my mouth, I was so excited, but they came easily to my mind, I wanted it so much.

He reached round and started rubbing my clit, harder and harder till it was almost painful. My pussy was contracting around his cock, held deep inside me. The pain turned to pleasure as my orgasm started to build.

'Do you want it?' he whispered. 'Yes, oh god yes, I do' I gasped.

He pulled back and slammed into me, over and over, one hand rubbing my clit, one hand spanking me. He called me his dirty bitch, while he told me how much he loved fucking me and how he wanted to empty his balls all over my face. His dirty talk got me closer to my orgasm, I couldn't wait to cum hard on his cock.

He pushed my head into the desk, trying to silence my moans so the shop next door didn't hear me. I couldn't help myself, I was so close to cumming and he knew that.

While he was still fucking me hard, filling every inch of me with his gorgeous cock, he pushed two fingers into my tight, puckered hole, just as I was cumming hard. He rode me while I bucked against him, waves of pleasure coursing through me. He held tight onto his position, slamming into my twitching cunt.

I was still shaking from my orgasm when, in one swift movement, he pulled out, turned me round and pushed me to my knees. With one final stroke of his hand his hot creamy spunk shot out of him, all over my face, onto my tongue, in my mouth, over my hair, even landing on the desk behind me.

He roughly s
meared the cum all over my face, pushing it into my mouth with his fingers while I looked up at him. He leaned down, cock still in hand, and kissed me, tasting himself on me, swirling his tongue around my mouth. Looking deep into my eyes, I thought he was about to say something romantic and sensitive, then he whispered 'Lick me clean dirty girl'. I smiled.

I happily took him in my mouth and sucked every last drop from him. Lapping at him till every trace of his cum and my cunt juice had gone. He put his cock away, kissed me hard again and said 'Same time tomorrow?'

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My examination by G...... Part 1

I lay on the bed, the clock ticking in the next room, my heart fluttering in anticipation and fear. I was dressed exactly as the instructions demanded; he expected nothing less, his standards and demands sometimes unreasonable and always to be obeyed. But today was different; this was our first actual meeting. He had tested me, many times, in the build up to meeting in person, and I knew he had watched me on many occasions to make sure that his instructions had been obeyed.

And now the time had come, it was the moment I would meet him, feel his touch for the first time, and experience the range of emotions he had promised; pain, fear, pleasure, excitement, anticipation and total submission.

I lay blindfolded; in the outfit sent for me earlier that day, delivered to the house with a note attached instructing me to wear it. I had attached the restraints to the bed and was wearing the ankle and wrist cuffs he had supplied. I had made sure I was ready and lying on the bed at least five minutes before he was due to arrive, just in case my clock was wrong. I knew he would turn and leave if I wasn’t exactly where he had instructed me to be.

My breath was starting to come in short pants now, the adrenalin starting to filter through my veins, anticipation making it difficult to focus on normal bodily functions. I was also terrified. Who was this man? He knew everything about me, I knew nothing of him. I was letting this stranger, albeit a charming and creative stranger, into my home, while I was blindfolded, provocatively dressed and waiting to be restrained. If any part of this went wrong I wouldn’t have a leg to stand on, the police would laugh at me, and he knew that. He knew he was safe and totally in control, able to do absolutely anything to me, but strangely I trusted this man, felt I had known him for a long time and was at peace when I thought of him, feeling secure and protected.

Yet here I was, laid on my bed, surrounded by my things, unable to breathe or control my heartbeat, scared, excited and ashamed. I start to get off the bed, to get some sense and normality back into my life, with both feet on the carpet and about to stand I hear the gentle click of the front door, followed by the key turning in the lock behind him, he had arrived. Exactly on time he had walked through the door. I felt my knees start to buckle when I realised I wasn’t in place and then scrambled to resume my previous position.

The bottom step creaked. I held my breath. I felt a slight breeze as the door was pushed open. He walked through and I heard him put the bag down on the floor, then silence, a breathless silence. I didn’t know if he approved, was disappointed or as breathless and excited as I was.

After what seemed like an eternity the silence was finally broken and I could breathe again, following the satisfying words ‘Good girl’. These two words had sent me weak at the knees many times over in the past months, almost moving me to tears with relief on occasions. I had no idea why I sought his approval so vehemently, but still I did, on every occasion, and on this, the most important of those occasions I felt the air and oxygen rush back into my lungs.

I lay still, as instructed, playing his strict words over and over again in my head, running over every detail making sure I hadn’t missed any part of it. I wanted to please him more than anything.

I had closed my eyes under the blindfold, a totally pointless yet involuntary movement, but, as he had let himself in. my eyes sprang open, still looking at total darkness but moving around, hoping to glimpse something, wishing there was a sliver of light under the covering, but he had chosen his equipment well. He clearly knew what he was doing; the blindfold covered every part of my eyes, leaving nothing to chance. After straining to see something, anything, I succumbed to the darkness and slowly closed my eyes again, realising how futile it was trying to see him. I gave myself over to the darkness and in doing so I subsequently gave myself over to him.
He sat on the chair, positioned carefully by the bed. I heard it creak slightly as he sat down. A small, satisfied sigh escaped his lips as he took the vision in. I lay still, trying to control the involuntary quiver that was starting in my muscles from inactivity and anticipation. I knew he was pleased with how I looked; the presentation had been exactly as he had hoped. Now I prayed I could please him as much with my performance and do all he asked of me. My thoughts were rushing around my head while he sat in silence. I had no concept of time and so began to relax while he looked on. He clearly knew this would happen, as an experienced master he knew what time did to a blindfolded slave.

Quietly he rose from the chair; I was unaware of the movement. As his hand gripped my arm I gasped, taken completely by surprise. Before I could object it was attached to the restraint on the bed. I struggled but realised how pointless it was and, after hearing a ‘tut’ from the room, knew I wasn’t pleasing him by resisting. I lay still once more. He attached the further three restraints and sat down to admire the view. A small tear rolled from under my blindfold, not knowing if it was pleasure or fear that caused it.

I heard him move to the table and roll out his equipment bag, the bag he had already told me about in great detail, told either to fill me with fear or desire. Everything had its place in the leather roll, like a builder with a tool belt, he knew exactly where everything was and they would all serve their purpose on a day like today. This would be my first experience at his hands, and he had told me he was to make sure I was capable, he wanted to find my limits, and more importantly, he had to make sure I was suitable for his use, clean and disease free, responsive, obedient and most of all willing. Today would be my initial examination, something he carried out on all of his potential submissives, but I knew he was looking forward to this one, he had told me he had not met such a willing subject in a very long time, and I had proved my ability in the months leading up to this moment. I was sure he was just as excited and filled with anticipation as I was, but he refused to acknowledge that. I hoped he would be aroused, he had told me he usually got turned on initially but unfortunately my blindfold meant I couldn’t see just how excited he was. Following our many conversations I understood how important this process was and therefore I knew in a matter of minutes he would lose the erection he was sporting and his businesslike mind would surface, taking over the emotion and desire he was feeling, and moving to examine, investigate and acquaint himself with every part of his potential sub.
‘Try to relax, you have pleased me so far and you need to be relaxed for the examination’. His soft but firm voice broke the silence, and I exhaled, trying desperately to do as he said, but I was tied by a stranger, open to anything he chose to do and powerless to stop him, how could I relax. He touched my face gently, running his fingers over my lips and down my neck. I shuddered.

He hesitated before he went any further, as if he was taking in the vision of the woman he was meeting for the first time, dressed exactly as he had requested. He moved to my feet and gently stroked each toe, gradually moving up my foot, past my ankle and up my firm legs, he stopped short of where the stockings met my flesh. He felt my involuntary quiver and must have smiled to himself. He moved back up to my head and leaned in closely, almost inaudibly whispering ‘Good girl’ to me. I gasped again, he knew the effect those two words had on me. He pulled the chair closer and sat down. Slowly, gently, he didn’t want to hurt me, he pulled each breast and nipple free from the confines of the basque, pushing each cup underneath them. My firm breasts stood proud, my nipples hardening with the attention and the cool breeze from the open window. He rolled each nipple with his fingers, pinching gently, not pushing me too far too soon. He was clearly pleased with how responsive they were, I had always felt they were the perfect size for punishment, torture and pleasure, on seeing pictures of them he had agreed. He had told me he would enjoy my nipples and would train me to take anything he dealt out to them, knowing I would be lost in the punishment and sensation. He already knew my breasts could take some brutal treatment. In the weeks leading up to this moment he had sent me nipple rings and clamps and had made my wear them on regular occasions, preparing them for this moment and many more to come. He pulled on one nipple and got it hard, as hard as it could be. At this moment he rolled a nipple ring onto the bud to ensure it stayed fully erect through the examination. He gently flicked his tongue and licked the tip, as painful as this was for me he made it pleasurable. He repeated his actions on the other breast and now they were ready. That was enough for the time being, my breasts would receive the essential bondage another day and he would see how far he could push me but for now the rings would be enough. The clamps, I knew, would be introduced nearer completion of the examination.

He gently stroked my body, my arms and my thighs. He liked how the boned basque had pulled in my waist, giving me a shapely figure even lying spread-eagled. He moved closer to my pussy and stood back to get a better look, he wanted to make sure I had done the hair removal he had requested. I seemed to have done well, with just a few stray hairs showing themselves. I heard him move to his bag and but didn’t know what he was taking out, it was a good job I was blindfolded. I would have been struggling at this point had I seen him, a stranger holding a razor over my precious pussy, I truly was brave, but I trusted him. I am sure he enjoyed that feeling.
‘Make sure you hold still and do not move a muscle for the next few minutes, it will be dangerous for you to do so, and I will not be pleased with you’ he said sternly. I stiffened, holding my breath, not knowing what was about to come. When I felt him spread my lips and smear some oil on them I tensed. As he brought the razor close and whispered ‘remember my words’ I tensed again. This strange man could have planned on doing anything to me, I was tied and vulnerable and now he was telling me not to move, what could he be doing?

I felt the sharp razor on my lips and went to cry out, then I realised what he was doing and knew, even though he wouldn’t hurt me, I would be punished for not doing the job well enough in the first place. I hoped he was not too disappointed in me. I shook my head and realised how insane the situation was. I was tied to a bed, blindfolded, and a stranger was between my legs with a sharp razor and all I was concerned about was whether he would be disappointed that I hadn’t shaved myself properly! As I felt his swift movements and realised that the fingers were gently pulling the lips apart I knew I could trust him not to cut me, and relaxed into the sensation of being shaved completely smooth by the stranger. It was a new feeling for me, it shocked me how erotic it was, and feeling the fingers, gently pulling me apart and delving deeper to check how smooth it was, made my legs quiver.

‘You will be punished for that at a later date’ he said, ‘but for now it’s acceptable, you really must try harder in future’. I nodded in acceptance, and wanted to apologise but I knew he didn’t appreciate apologies, he just expected it to never happen again.

I heard him move to his bag, replace the razor and remove some more items. The examination was going to start, I tensed again, not sure what to expect but willing to take anything he offered. He asked me to relax again, knowing how impossible the request was, but enjoying watching me squirm. He placed some of the equipment on the bed between my legs and settled on the chair as close to my pussy as possible.
He fastened the straps around each thigh, attaching them to hold the clamps in place. He clicked the clamps into place at each end of the straps, and pulled my outer lips apart, attaching the metal clamp to each side. He adjusted the straps, tightening each one, the clamps being pulled farther apart, stretching my lips wider so the inside of my pussy was on show, making everything much more accessible. He gently stroked each lip, inside and out, skirting past the entrance to my opening, hesitating before he touched the small puckered hole of my arse. He noticed the wetness forming on the folds of skin, knowing that if he dipped his finger inside me he would almost burst the bubble of fluid that had been forming since before his arrival. I knew he couldn’t wait to feel that, but he was not here for his pleasure, he was here for my examination. He pulled the latex gloves from his pocket and squeezed his large hands into them, snapping them in place. He saw my legs quiver and knew that sound had stirred something inside me. He gently stroked my lips again, touching every part of them but not actually feeling them, the latex acting as a barrier, but a necessary barrier, to stop him getting carried away and wanting to plunge his erect cock deep inside me, this was an essential examination and I knew the fun would come next time.

He, once again, told me to try to relax, and assured me that this would be a painless experience if I could relax, just as I would at the doctors. He flicked my clit with the tip of his finger and watched me twitch. Sliding his fingers further down between my lips he slid one into me, breaking the invisible seal on the juices collecting inside. His finger came out soaking wet, he smeared it around my lips and over my clit and whispered ‘Good girl’. With so much natural lubrication he realised he could slip more than one finger in, and with that pushed two, then three deep inside. I gasped with the sudden invasion and tensed in the process. He felt the muscles tighten and must have smiled to himself, my muscles were in excellent shape, and I had clearly been doing the exercises he had asked me to do daily. I knew he needed his sub to have excellent control, and I was clearly a very conscientious student. He removed one of his fingers and with two inside he probed around, feeling for my G spot, checking the depth, acquainting himself. Once I was lubricated and opened he moved to the rest of the equipment, knowing now he could stretch me, and push my limits. He squeezed some lubricant onto the speculum and introduced the cold steel to my hole. Sliding it easily into me he whispered ‘relax and bear down please’ and I did exactly as I was told. It slid further and when he felt the resistance as it pushed against my cervix he started to open it. He’d positioned it so he would have access to the front and back walls of my vagina, stretching me wide but letting him have contact with my g spot and feel the wall of my anus. He pulled out the long vibrating probe and slid it inside the speculum, pressing it on the front wall of my pussy. He watched as my legs started twitching involuntarily, he gently flicked my clit again and heard my gasps. He expertly pressed his hand above my pubic mound, on top of my bladder, and pushed down. I squirmed in pain, and he knew it was also fear that I would wet myself, not the best thing to do when he was teaching me control. He felt my muscles clench and pressed a little harder, pushing the vibrator harder into my g spot and I tightened again. He knew now my muscles would withstand the majority of what he requested. He pulled the vibrator out and slid his finger into me, in-between the metal of the speculum. He felt my g spot and started massaging it with his expert digit. With his other hand he started to rub my clitoris, flicking it and rubbing it from side to side. My legs tensed and shook and my breaths were coming in short pants.

‘Don’t you dare cum’ he warned. I shook my head and started breathing slowly, trying to relax, but the sensations between my legs were becoming too much to bear. 'Please!’ I gasped. ‘Don’t you dare!!!’ he snapped. I nodded but still he continued to rub, not releasing me, but not removing his fingers. I was worried I would not be able to control myself as I felt the orgasm building, I didn’t want to disappoint him at such an early stage, my breathing changed again and he sensed this. Immediately he stopped everything he was doing and moved away. I cried out in frustration and disappointment, but also in relief that I hadn’t let myself down.

He returned between my legs and tightened the straps around my thighs, pulling my lips wider apart. He flicked my erect and purple nipples with his fingers and settled on the chair again. My clitoris was now hard and engorged. He pulled it up and slid the clamp onto it, holding the blood inside it, holding it erect and making it ultra sensitive to his touch. He opened the speculum wider and I was stretched to capacity. He slid his hand under my back and lifted my buttocks slightly, pushing a rubber cushion under me, lifting me higher to improve the access to my arse. He lubricated his finger and slid it into the entrance, circling it, stretching the muscles gradually, gently, not forcibly. He told me to bear down again, and breathe; I did as I was told. He slid his finger deep inside, circled it a couple of times then pushed the second finger in. He slid two fingers from his other hand inside my pussy between the metal and pressed his four fingers together, massaging me through my anal wall. He pushed a third finger into each hole, stretching my wider each time. He knew I could take it and would, it was as I had told him during our long conversations, I loved to be stretched and today I would be.

He withdrew his fingers and started to release the speculum, he saw me relax and breathe normally again and must have been pleased with me so far. He reached for the butt plug and lubricated it. Before I could relax completely he took me by surprise and thrust it deep inside me, making me yelp with shock. Once it was in I would be fine, we both knew the sensation would settle fairly quickly. He had told me he would need my arse to get used to having something up it. He let my pussy relax for a little while after the speculum was removed. My clit was clamped and my nipples were still held erect with the plastic rings.

He stood quietly, I could only assume he was looking down at me and smiling at his work, but more was to come. He massaged my breasts gently and sucked on my nipples, making sure they were still comfortable, knowing the sensations were heightened and could start to be painful, but I had to learn how to tolerate pain anyway. I smiled and we both knew I would relish and crave these moments of tenderness in the weeks to come, I would wish for them, and that would make me more obedient.......