Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My examination by G...... Part 1

I lay on the bed, the clock ticking in the next room, my heart fluttering in anticipation and fear. I was dressed exactly as the instructions demanded; he expected nothing less, his standards and demands sometimes unreasonable and always to be obeyed. But today was different; this was our first actual meeting. He had tested me, many times, in the build up to meeting in person, and I knew he had watched me on many occasions to make sure that his instructions had been obeyed.

And now the time had come, it was the moment I would meet him, feel his touch for the first time, and experience the range of emotions he had promised; pain, fear, pleasure, excitement, anticipation and total submission.

I lay blindfolded; in the outfit sent for me earlier that day, delivered to the house with a note attached instructing me to wear it. I had attached the restraints to the bed and was wearing the ankle and wrist cuffs he had supplied. I had made sure I was ready and lying on the bed at least five minutes before he was due to arrive, just in case my clock was wrong. I knew he would turn and leave if I wasn’t exactly where he had instructed me to be.

My breath was starting to come in short pants now, the adrenalin starting to filter through my veins, anticipation making it difficult to focus on normal bodily functions. I was also terrified. Who was this man? He knew everything about me, I knew nothing of him. I was letting this stranger, albeit a charming and creative stranger, into my home, while I was blindfolded, provocatively dressed and waiting to be restrained. If any part of this went wrong I wouldn’t have a leg to stand on, the police would laugh at me, and he knew that. He knew he was safe and totally in control, able to do absolutely anything to me, but strangely I trusted this man, felt I had known him for a long time and was at peace when I thought of him, feeling secure and protected.

Yet here I was, laid on my bed, surrounded by my things, unable to breathe or control my heartbeat, scared, excited and ashamed. I start to get off the bed, to get some sense and normality back into my life, with both feet on the carpet and about to stand I hear the gentle click of the front door, followed by the key turning in the lock behind him, he had arrived. Exactly on time he had walked through the door. I felt my knees start to buckle when I realised I wasn’t in place and then scrambled to resume my previous position.

The bottom step creaked. I held my breath. I felt a slight breeze as the door was pushed open. He walked through and I heard him put the bag down on the floor, then silence, a breathless silence. I didn’t know if he approved, was disappointed or as breathless and excited as I was.

After what seemed like an eternity the silence was finally broken and I could breathe again, following the satisfying words ‘Good girl’. These two words had sent me weak at the knees many times over in the past months, almost moving me to tears with relief on occasions. I had no idea why I sought his approval so vehemently, but still I did, on every occasion, and on this, the most important of those occasions I felt the air and oxygen rush back into my lungs.

I lay still, as instructed, playing his strict words over and over again in my head, running over every detail making sure I hadn’t missed any part of it. I wanted to please him more than anything.

I had closed my eyes under the blindfold, a totally pointless yet involuntary movement, but, as he had let himself in. my eyes sprang open, still looking at total darkness but moving around, hoping to glimpse something, wishing there was a sliver of light under the covering, but he had chosen his equipment well. He clearly knew what he was doing; the blindfold covered every part of my eyes, leaving nothing to chance. After straining to see something, anything, I succumbed to the darkness and slowly closed my eyes again, realising how futile it was trying to see him. I gave myself over to the darkness and in doing so I subsequently gave myself over to him.
He sat on the chair, positioned carefully by the bed. I heard it creak slightly as he sat down. A small, satisfied sigh escaped his lips as he took the vision in. I lay still, trying to control the involuntary quiver that was starting in my muscles from inactivity and anticipation. I knew he was pleased with how I looked; the presentation had been exactly as he had hoped. Now I prayed I could please him as much with my performance and do all he asked of me. My thoughts were rushing around my head while he sat in silence. I had no concept of time and so began to relax while he looked on. He clearly knew this would happen, as an experienced master he knew what time did to a blindfolded slave.

Quietly he rose from the chair; I was unaware of the movement. As his hand gripped my arm I gasped, taken completely by surprise. Before I could object it was attached to the restraint on the bed. I struggled but realised how pointless it was and, after hearing a ‘tut’ from the room, knew I wasn’t pleasing him by resisting. I lay still once more. He attached the further three restraints and sat down to admire the view. A small tear rolled from under my blindfold, not knowing if it was pleasure or fear that caused it.

I heard him move to the table and roll out his equipment bag, the bag he had already told me about in great detail, told either to fill me with fear or desire. Everything had its place in the leather roll, like a builder with a tool belt, he knew exactly where everything was and they would all serve their purpose on a day like today. This would be my first experience at his hands, and he had told me he was to make sure I was capable, he wanted to find my limits, and more importantly, he had to make sure I was suitable for his use, clean and disease free, responsive, obedient and most of all willing. Today would be my initial examination, something he carried out on all of his potential submissives, but I knew he was looking forward to this one, he had told me he had not met such a willing subject in a very long time, and I had proved my ability in the months leading up to this moment. I was sure he was just as excited and filled with anticipation as I was, but he refused to acknowledge that. I hoped he would be aroused, he had told me he usually got turned on initially but unfortunately my blindfold meant I couldn’t see just how excited he was. Following our many conversations I understood how important this process was and therefore I knew in a matter of minutes he would lose the erection he was sporting and his businesslike mind would surface, taking over the emotion and desire he was feeling, and moving to examine, investigate and acquaint himself with every part of his potential sub.
‘Try to relax, you have pleased me so far and you need to be relaxed for the examination’. His soft but firm voice broke the silence, and I exhaled, trying desperately to do as he said, but I was tied by a stranger, open to anything he chose to do and powerless to stop him, how could I relax. He touched my face gently, running his fingers over my lips and down my neck. I shuddered.

He hesitated before he went any further, as if he was taking in the vision of the woman he was meeting for the first time, dressed exactly as he had requested. He moved to my feet and gently stroked each toe, gradually moving up my foot, past my ankle and up my firm legs, he stopped short of where the stockings met my flesh. He felt my involuntary quiver and must have smiled to himself. He moved back up to my head and leaned in closely, almost inaudibly whispering ‘Good girl’ to me. I gasped again, he knew the effect those two words had on me. He pulled the chair closer and sat down. Slowly, gently, he didn’t want to hurt me, he pulled each breast and nipple free from the confines of the basque, pushing each cup underneath them. My firm breasts stood proud, my nipples hardening with the attention and the cool breeze from the open window. He rolled each nipple with his fingers, pinching gently, not pushing me too far too soon. He was clearly pleased with how responsive they were, I had always felt they were the perfect size for punishment, torture and pleasure, on seeing pictures of them he had agreed. He had told me he would enjoy my nipples and would train me to take anything he dealt out to them, knowing I would be lost in the punishment and sensation. He already knew my breasts could take some brutal treatment. In the weeks leading up to this moment he had sent me nipple rings and clamps and had made my wear them on regular occasions, preparing them for this moment and many more to come. He pulled on one nipple and got it hard, as hard as it could be. At this moment he rolled a nipple ring onto the bud to ensure it stayed fully erect through the examination. He gently flicked his tongue and licked the tip, as painful as this was for me he made it pleasurable. He repeated his actions on the other breast and now they were ready. That was enough for the time being, my breasts would receive the essential bondage another day and he would see how far he could push me but for now the rings would be enough. The clamps, I knew, would be introduced nearer completion of the examination.

He gently stroked my body, my arms and my thighs. He liked how the boned basque had pulled in my waist, giving me a shapely figure even lying spread-eagled. He moved closer to my pussy and stood back to get a better look, he wanted to make sure I had done the hair removal he had requested. I seemed to have done well, with just a few stray hairs showing themselves. I heard him move to his bag and but didn’t know what he was taking out, it was a good job I was blindfolded. I would have been struggling at this point had I seen him, a stranger holding a razor over my precious pussy, I truly was brave, but I trusted him. I am sure he enjoyed that feeling.
‘Make sure you hold still and do not move a muscle for the next few minutes, it will be dangerous for you to do so, and I will not be pleased with you’ he said sternly. I stiffened, holding my breath, not knowing what was about to come. When I felt him spread my lips and smear some oil on them I tensed. As he brought the razor close and whispered ‘remember my words’ I tensed again. This strange man could have planned on doing anything to me, I was tied and vulnerable and now he was telling me not to move, what could he be doing?

I felt the sharp razor on my lips and went to cry out, then I realised what he was doing and knew, even though he wouldn’t hurt me, I would be punished for not doing the job well enough in the first place. I hoped he was not too disappointed in me. I shook my head and realised how insane the situation was. I was tied to a bed, blindfolded, and a stranger was between my legs with a sharp razor and all I was concerned about was whether he would be disappointed that I hadn’t shaved myself properly! As I felt his swift movements and realised that the fingers were gently pulling the lips apart I knew I could trust him not to cut me, and relaxed into the sensation of being shaved completely smooth by the stranger. It was a new feeling for me, it shocked me how erotic it was, and feeling the fingers, gently pulling me apart and delving deeper to check how smooth it was, made my legs quiver.

‘You will be punished for that at a later date’ he said, ‘but for now it’s acceptable, you really must try harder in future’. I nodded in acceptance, and wanted to apologise but I knew he didn’t appreciate apologies, he just expected it to never happen again.

I heard him move to his bag, replace the razor and remove some more items. The examination was going to start, I tensed again, not sure what to expect but willing to take anything he offered. He asked me to relax again, knowing how impossible the request was, but enjoying watching me squirm. He placed some of the equipment on the bed between my legs and settled on the chair as close to my pussy as possible.
He fastened the straps around each thigh, attaching them to hold the clamps in place. He clicked the clamps into place at each end of the straps, and pulled my outer lips apart, attaching the metal clamp to each side. He adjusted the straps, tightening each one, the clamps being pulled farther apart, stretching my lips wider so the inside of my pussy was on show, making everything much more accessible. He gently stroked each lip, inside and out, skirting past the entrance to my opening, hesitating before he touched the small puckered hole of my arse. He noticed the wetness forming on the folds of skin, knowing that if he dipped his finger inside me he would almost burst the bubble of fluid that had been forming since before his arrival. I knew he couldn’t wait to feel that, but he was not here for his pleasure, he was here for my examination. He pulled the latex gloves from his pocket and squeezed his large hands into them, snapping them in place. He saw my legs quiver and knew that sound had stirred something inside me. He gently stroked my lips again, touching every part of them but not actually feeling them, the latex acting as a barrier, but a necessary barrier, to stop him getting carried away and wanting to plunge his erect cock deep inside me, this was an essential examination and I knew the fun would come next time.

He, once again, told me to try to relax, and assured me that this would be a painless experience if I could relax, just as I would at the doctors. He flicked my clit with the tip of his finger and watched me twitch. Sliding his fingers further down between my lips he slid one into me, breaking the invisible seal on the juices collecting inside. His finger came out soaking wet, he smeared it around my lips and over my clit and whispered ‘Good girl’. With so much natural lubrication he realised he could slip more than one finger in, and with that pushed two, then three deep inside. I gasped with the sudden invasion and tensed in the process. He felt the muscles tighten and must have smiled to himself, my muscles were in excellent shape, and I had clearly been doing the exercises he had asked me to do daily. I knew he needed his sub to have excellent control, and I was clearly a very conscientious student. He removed one of his fingers and with two inside he probed around, feeling for my G spot, checking the depth, acquainting himself. Once I was lubricated and opened he moved to the rest of the equipment, knowing now he could stretch me, and push my limits. He squeezed some lubricant onto the speculum and introduced the cold steel to my hole. Sliding it easily into me he whispered ‘relax and bear down please’ and I did exactly as I was told. It slid further and when he felt the resistance as it pushed against my cervix he started to open it. He’d positioned it so he would have access to the front and back walls of my vagina, stretching me wide but letting him have contact with my g spot and feel the wall of my anus. He pulled out the long vibrating probe and slid it inside the speculum, pressing it on the front wall of my pussy. He watched as my legs started twitching involuntarily, he gently flicked my clit again and heard my gasps. He expertly pressed his hand above my pubic mound, on top of my bladder, and pushed down. I squirmed in pain, and he knew it was also fear that I would wet myself, not the best thing to do when he was teaching me control. He felt my muscles clench and pressed a little harder, pushing the vibrator harder into my g spot and I tightened again. He knew now my muscles would withstand the majority of what he requested. He pulled the vibrator out and slid his finger into me, in-between the metal of the speculum. He felt my g spot and started massaging it with his expert digit. With his other hand he started to rub my clitoris, flicking it and rubbing it from side to side. My legs tensed and shook and my breaths were coming in short pants.

‘Don’t you dare cum’ he warned. I shook my head and started breathing slowly, trying to relax, but the sensations between my legs were becoming too much to bear. 'Please!’ I gasped. ‘Don’t you dare!!!’ he snapped. I nodded but still he continued to rub, not releasing me, but not removing his fingers. I was worried I would not be able to control myself as I felt the orgasm building, I didn’t want to disappoint him at such an early stage, my breathing changed again and he sensed this. Immediately he stopped everything he was doing and moved away. I cried out in frustration and disappointment, but also in relief that I hadn’t let myself down.

He returned between my legs and tightened the straps around my thighs, pulling my lips wider apart. He flicked my erect and purple nipples with his fingers and settled on the chair again. My clitoris was now hard and engorged. He pulled it up and slid the clamp onto it, holding the blood inside it, holding it erect and making it ultra sensitive to his touch. He opened the speculum wider and I was stretched to capacity. He slid his hand under my back and lifted my buttocks slightly, pushing a rubber cushion under me, lifting me higher to improve the access to my arse. He lubricated his finger and slid it into the entrance, circling it, stretching the muscles gradually, gently, not forcibly. He told me to bear down again, and breathe; I did as I was told. He slid his finger deep inside, circled it a couple of times then pushed the second finger in. He slid two fingers from his other hand inside my pussy between the metal and pressed his four fingers together, massaging me through my anal wall. He pushed a third finger into each hole, stretching my wider each time. He knew I could take it and would, it was as I had told him during our long conversations, I loved to be stretched and today I would be.

He withdrew his fingers and started to release the speculum, he saw me relax and breathe normally again and must have been pleased with me so far. He reached for the butt plug and lubricated it. Before I could relax completely he took me by surprise and thrust it deep inside me, making me yelp with shock. Once it was in I would be fine, we both knew the sensation would settle fairly quickly. He had told me he would need my arse to get used to having something up it. He let my pussy relax for a little while after the speculum was removed. My clit was clamped and my nipples were still held erect with the plastic rings.

He stood quietly, I could only assume he was looking down at me and smiling at his work, but more was to come. He massaged my breasts gently and sucked on my nipples, making sure they were still comfortable, knowing the sensations were heightened and could start to be painful, but I had to learn how to tolerate pain anyway. I smiled and we both knew I would relish and crave these moments of tenderness in the weeks to come, I would wish for them, and that would make me more obedient.......

Monday, April 20, 2009

One hour.....

Tick, tick, tick.

I listened to the clock ticking away the seconds. I was bound, gagged, and blindfolded, unable to move, speak, or see. My arms were tied together behind my back, at my wrists and elbows. A cord attached my wrists to a hook in the ceiling, and the cord was pulled to a length that kept me bent at the waist. Leather restraints were fastened around my ankles just above the straps of my high heels. The tension on the ropes connected to the ankle straps kept my legs spread apart.

Tick, tick, tick.

How long had I been there? One hour was all that he promised, but the strain of my unnatural position made it seem like the hour passed a long time ago. The cool air of the basement made me shiver and caused my nipples to stand erect. He sat watching me, gently stroking his cock. He walked over to me and grasped both nipples with his fingertips, rolling and squeezing them. I jerked at his initial touch but soon relaxed and moaned behind my gag as he worked on the sensitive tips. The sensations seemed magnified by my lack of vision and inability to move or respond. He knelt down so that he could view the fullness of my breasts hanging down as he manipulated my tender buds, and the erotic image of them soon caused him to fill his hands with my flesh, grasping the whole breast and kneading it in his grip. Waves of warmth coursed through me, from my breasts to my groin. I moaned contentedly behind the gag to show him that I was enjoying the tender treatment he was giving me. He moved behind me and remained kneeling, quietly examining the wonderfully erotic sight of my thighs above my black stockings; the tiny puckered hole of my ass, and my soft pussy lips. He waited, as I did.

Tick, tick, tick.

I was going crazy with anticipation as I waited for his touch. I swayed slightly back towards him, trying to make contact, but he remained out of reach. He moved his face closer to me, and pursed his lips, blowing lightly up and down my crack, breathing out warm air over my lips and ass. Once, twice, three times. How long could he continue without touching me? My ass poked back at him as I tried again and again to reach him, to feel contact with his skin. He loved to torture me with anticipation, to see how far he could take me into an erotic frenzy without consummating our passion. He stopped blowing on me, and again I waited.

Tick, tick, tick.

He looked carefully between my thighs and saw the moisture forming tiny droplets on my pussy lips. He reached his hand up, spreading the juice on his fingertips. He raised his hand to his face, rubbing his fingers together to smell me and taste me on his hand. His cock had been hard for so long, it had created the pleasurable sensation that was verging on painful. It was ready to explode, and it pulsed up and down with every beat of his heart. He stood behind me, bending his knees and arching slightly backwards so that he could position his cock at the entrance to my open pussy. Ever so slowly he brought it up and touched my lips with the head, pressing continuously upward in a slow motion penetration. He straightened up so that it filled me completely. With his cock head lodged deep inside me, he stood completely still, revelling in the grip my pussy had on his aching shaft. He flexed his pelvic muscles so that it seemed to leap inside me. I squeezed back, gripping him even tighter. No motion, no pumping, just feeling our connection of flesh.

Tick, tick, tick.

I wanted him to fuck me. I wanted him to pound into me furiously, but he would not. I tried to pull myself forward, to initiate motion, but he grabbed my hips and remained buried deep inside me. I stopped struggling and stood still enjoying the same sensations he was feeling. We stood with his cock deep inside me, motionless. Soon he began to feel my pulse through my pussy, as I felt the throbbing of his heart with the tiny involuntary motions caused by each heartbeat.

Tick, tick, tick.

What an exquisite torture it was, to be penetrated with a hot, hard cock, helpless and unable to move. He decided that this feeling was worth making last, so he stood, melting into me, becoming one with me. His hands drifted from my hips to my legs, feeling the smoothness of my skin, lightly rubbing over the tops of my ass cheeks. His fingertips roamed downward through the crease between my mounds, and he lightly touched my hole. He rubbed it gently, around and around. Yet not once did I make any motion with my hips. Nor did he. I was beginning to understand why I didn't want to move, I was getting lost in the sensation of being filled. My whole being was centred on my pussy and my ass. All feeling and consciousness was centred there.

Tick, tick, tick.

The only sound was the clock ticking away the hour.

He looked at the source of the only sound in the room and saw that there were only five minutes to go in our journey. He was clearly having trouble concentrating on anything but the warm wet grip of my pussy and the magical contractions I was doing with my muscles, squeezing and releasing him.

Tick, tick, tick.

He waited, breathing deeply, preparing himself for what was to follow.


Breaking the silence the alarm sounded the end of the hour, and he answered by pulling his cock back, out to the very edge of my lips, and thrusting back in, hard. The new wave of sensation caused by the motion was so intense that we couldn't last long. He began furiously pounding into me from behind, gripping my hips to keep me steady. He could hear my screams and cries from behind the gag, he couldn't hold back any more. He give me permission to cum, gripped me tightly and shot deep into me, shuddering in climax just as he felt my own orgasm gripping his cock, massaging him from my core. My legs weakened but he held me up, holding me steady. He remained in me as we came down from our peak, holding on to my hips. We stood still for a few moments, just enjoying the tick, tick, tick.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

T Date - Part Two

I loved watching him squirm, it was fun, and a pleasure, but not the pleasure I had come for. I needed more, I needed to cum, I needed to feel him in me. But still I would drag it out, make him wait, beg for it.

As I watched him lying there, helpless and desperate for my touch, I decided to be a little cruel (in the nicest possible way of course). I reached into my bag and pulled out my favourite vibrator. I had teased him that if he didn't behave I would 'explore' parts of him that had never been touched, either with my hands or my toys. This was all a very new experience for him. His wife didn't even like giving him oral sex, never mind playing with other parts 'down there' as she put it! She was missing a treat, but of course I couldn't go too far the first time he was blindfolded, so, after running the vibrator down between his legs, feeling his whole body tense, I decided to tease him another way.

I knelt on the bed, spread my legs and started to masturbate with the vibrator, firstly rubbing it over my clit, moans of excitement and pleasure escaping my lips. He couldn't touch me. He couldn't see me. His cock was twitching with anticipation. That wasn't enough torment though. I slid the perfect plastic cock inside me, it made that amazing sound that a wet pussy makes, just as it is entered for the first time, that squelch, the moist 'tut' it expels each time something slides in and out of it, the beautiful noise that only a wet cunt makes. The sound travelled to his ears and he moaned, sounding like a man who had just lost a fortune betting on a donkey instead of a horse.

I smiled. How frustrating it must be for him. But that wasn't good enough for me. I took it out of my pussy and ran it over his lips, while I was manoeuvring myself over his chest. His arms outstretched couldn't touch me, his head couldn't reach me, his cock was inches away from any contact with me. I knelt over his chest and continued masturbating, sliding it in and out of me, rubbing my clit, harder and faster, needing to cum and loving that he was desperate for release too, mine could happen, but his would wait. He could feel, but couldn't see, exactly what I was doing over him.

I could feel my orgasm building and moved my knees over his shoulders until I was kneeling over his face. With one hand holding his head flat, and the other allowing the vibrations of the toy to course through my clit, I came over his face, just millimetres away from his mouth, his tongue now straining to reach my lips. My body bucked over his face, as I threw the vibrator across the room and, grabbing his hair with both hands, I buried his face in my pussy until the sensations subsided. He gasped for breath as I climbed off, his cock now purple with excitement.

I thought it was about time he had some pleasure so I retrieved the vibrator, turned it back on and started to run it over his balls. It slid over the skin well, still slick from my juices. I ran it up and down his cock, down between his cheeks, making the most of his widely spread legs, and back over his balls again. His cock twitched with the new sensation, looking more and more engorged with every stroke. With my other hand I started to wank him gently, feeling how aroused he was but making sure he didn't cum. It felt like his cock was about to burst.

I settled between his legs and took his cock into my mouth, slowly, gently sucking and licking, feeling it throb inside me, knowing how close he was to orgasm, but it was too soon, for me anyway! I gently squeezed the tip and moved my mouth away.

'Do you want to cum?' I whispered.
'Oh god yes!!!! Please let me!' was the reply.
I smiled to myself, and mouthed to myself 'Tough!'. He didn't hear that. He thought I was going to let him cum now. I wasn't.

His cock tasted very good, the pre-cum flowing freely now. I wanted it in my mouth again but it would take an expert not to let him cum. Naturally I am an expert! I slid my wet mouth down over him again, wanking him into my mouth with my hand. The combination of both sensations had him begging to cum, but every time he was close I gently squeezed the tip and moved away. The frustration must have been agonising, but for me it was bliss.

I squeezed some lube into my hand and continued to wank his, at this point, bursting cock. The wetness squelching around his shaft as if it was deep inside my pussy. Just as he was, once more, about to cum, I stopped what I was doing.

I am sure if there hadn't been a blindfold across his eyes I would have seen a solitary tear roll down his cheek!

'Please, please, I'm begging you, let me cum!' he cried. I smiled.

I moved from the bed and untied his restraints. I helped him up to his feet and knelt in front of him. His legs wobbled, and his need to cum had made his knees weak. I steadied him with my hands on his hips and looked up at him. Still blindfolded, I continued to rub his wet cock, feeling the orgasm build. My tits were pushed up, still released from the basque, my nipples still hard. I squeezed hard on them while all the while wanking him over me. His balls were contracting, I could see his orgasm was imminent. He steadied himself on the bedpost with one arm just as he was about to empty his balls all over me.

'Take off your blindfold, NOW!' I instructed.

He ripped it off and looked down at me just as his spunk erupted from his cock and covered my tits. His body convulsed with the force of the delayed orgasm, denied for so long. With my hand still round his cock his legs gave way and he sat on the bed. His eyes still staring at me, at my face, my tits, his cum, and my smile!

My smile said it all.

T Date - Part One......

I had agreed to meet T in the hotel room, the room he had booked earlier that week, with strict instructions to impress me.

That he certainly did. That's the great thing about being a mistress, I get spoiled, he tries hard, he is out to impress, he is making all the effort it needs to get exactly where we both want to be. But this isn't about the location, although that does help, this is about the time we spend together, and the fun we have.

I had asked him to be ready for me, showered, naked with a towel around him, blindfolded and sitting on the sofa in front of the roaring open fire. The champagne was to be on ice with the soft music playing in the background.

I entered the room and he was sitting exactly where I had told him. He was clean, hard and nervous. I hadn't told him what I wanted of him, or what I was going to do to him, it was all very new to him. In the 27 years he had been married he had never been blindfolded, tied or pampered, so his nerves were palpable.

As he sat waiting for me, his blindfold covering his eyes and his shyness, the towel covering his hardening cock, he was breathless with anticipation. I entered the room, walked over to him and whispered 'Good boy' in his ear. I walked away, poured myself a glass of champagne and watched him for a while. His breath was coming in shallow, rapid gasps.

He was handsome, tanned, a great body, and an almost perfect cock (is there such a thing as a perfect one?). How could I tell? I stood in front of him and lifted the towel, looking at the form as it sprang to attention, released from its confines.

I was still fully clothed at this point so I put my glass down and moved into the other room to prepare myself. Although he couldn't see me I wanted him to feel every inch of me and have his mind paint the picture for him. He appreciated the power of the mind when it came to sex, and as this was his first experience of a blindfold, I wanted every last detail to be perfect.

I dressed in a black basque, lace trim with suspenders attached. I attached my black lace top stockings, and slipped my toes into the 7 inch black and silver shoes, with fine stiletto heels. The thick carpet dampened the sound of my approach, so he took a sharp intake of breath as I came back into the room and kissed the back of his neck. I raked my nails down his chest and brought the champagne glass to his lips. He gulped hungrily on the fizz, wanting the alcohol induced courage to continue, and not knowing when he would drink again that evening.

I moved around to face him again and brought his hands across to feel my body, to feel the lace, the stockings, the flesh of my breasts bulging from the cups. He opened his mouth to speak and I held my finger to his lips. I didn't want a sound from him. I dropped to my knees and, after taking a mouthful of champagne, I slid my lips around his erection and held him there. The bubbles of the liquid were tingling against his sensitive skin, he moaned, and moved his hands to my head. I took them away, I needed no physical encouragement to do what I wanted to him. I swallowed the liquid, flicked my tongue over the head of his cock and stood up.

He clearly wasn't going to be able to keep his hands to himself so I led him to the bed, firmly tying his hands and feet to each of the posts. I stood back to admire my handiwork. He looked magnificent. Tied, helpless, breathless, hard and excited. I took another drink and waited. He was frustrated with the silence, not knowing what I was going to do next, or where I was. I sat and looked at him, all the while increasing his feelings of frustration. He was aching for me to touch him, to continue with the taster he had of my mouth around him, to touch him, to talk to him, to make him cum, but I wasn't planning on rushing anything.

His long arms were tied tight but his fingers were free, thankfully at exactly the right height to slide between my pussy lips. I stood astride his hand and directed his fingers towards the wetness. He gasped when he felt how aroused I was. I gasped from that first touch, the touch I'd been waiting weeks to feel. I moved away and a moan of disappointment escaped his lips. I knelt and sucked his fingers clean, tasting myself, savouring every drop. I stood up and repeated the move, letting him sink his fingers deeper into me this time. As I stood with his fingers gently rubbing my clit and sliding into me, moving around in a blind, but skillful, fumble, I released my breasts from the basque, setting them free from the confines of the lace. I moved away from his hand and saw the liquid glistening on his fingers. Leaning over I put my breast and nipple into his fingers, feeling them slide around, covered in my juice. When both nipples were moist I climbed onto the bed and, like a mother waiting for her new born to latch on, touched his lips with the hard bud. He immediately sucked it into his mouth, hard. The sensation was intense, leaning over him, my pendulous breasts in his face, my nipple in his mouth, loving his inability to grasp them as he wanted, the frustration as his wrists strained on the fabric bonds, trying to touch them. I moved across to my other nipple, and he continued to suck hard like a hungry baby. I dipped my fingers back inside myself and slid them into his mouth along with my breast and he sucked even harder, trying to get every last drop of my cunt juice into his mouth.

I pulled away and climbed off the bed, a louder moan of disappointment escaping his lips. I stood and drank more champagne, all the while watching his now twitching cock drip pre-cum from the tip. I knelt on the bed and poured some of my drink over his cock and balls, cooling the heat emanating from them. His cock leapt in surprise, and I could see his balls contract slightly. I love watching a helpless man and his involuntary muscle spasms. I watched as the liquid found a natural path around his muscles and traced itself down his side and between his open legs towards the bed. Kneeling between his legs I followed the wetness with my long nail, my finger sliding up and down beneath his balls, then circling each sack and pulling on them. I gently scraped my nail down the underside of his cock, and tickled the tip. I stroked my finger over the end and brought it to my mouth, tasting his juice, I couldn't wait to taste every part of him, but I had to resist. I wanted to feel him inside me, my mouth and my pussy, but I had to resist. The anticipation was killing him, and it was killing me too, but I had to resist.

A game is not a game if it finishes early! :)