Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Revolutionary Toy...

Everyone knows I'm partial to my toys, and have always been open and honest about the fun I have with myself, as well as with my partner/s. I guess that's part of my Mistress appeal :)

My favourite site on the planet, and the ONLY place I buy my toys, have just launched the most revolutionary plaything since the Rampant Rabbit! Toys have always been fun to a certain degree, and obviously penetration has been forefront in the minds of the designers, but there has never been anything that could simulate oral sex so well that I would prefer it to the real thing, but it is here! Finally!! :)

I have had some stunning oral sex in my time, and my latest mantoy was especially good at it, but obviously I can't see him every day, and sometimes its a pleasure to replicate that sensation.

Until now there has been no way of doing it.

The new 'gadget' and my new lesbian friend is Sqweel :)

Sqweel doesn't vibrate, it doesn't thrust, it doesn't do semi-satisfying orgasms. Instead its unique wheel of tongues provides easily controlled stimulation at the speed you need for deeper, long lasting, real sheet-clenching orgasms. You just need to add lube, flick the switch and away you go.

Its fantastic alone, and even with your partner, starting on the slowest setting and building up to a sensual climax, not the usual 'rush job' received with most toys or clitoral stimulators. But it can also be used on other parts of the body, the nipples, the neck and of course on him. My guy absolutely loved it on his balls while I was pleasuring him :) Try it on everything, its the sort of sensation you could never get tired of :)

It comes beautifully boxed, and would make a perfect Christmas present for your lover/partner/wife/girlfriend/mistress :)

I've been blown away with the quality of the product, the revolutionary design and of course how it works :)

Its cute, its pink, it works, what more does a girl need?

Check it out on Love Honeys website. And order one before they all sell out :)