Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Birthday Present...

It was his birthday last week. What do you get for the man who literally has everything? I decided on something unique, something I knew he'd never done before, but had confessed he was curious about. I had no idea if it would work, or if he would appreciate it, but I decided to go with it anyway, and that decision started one of the most surreal evenings of my life.

We had been out for dinner and drinks, his favourite restaurant, specially ordered lobster main course with rock oysters to start. I'd offered to drive so he could relax and have a glass or three of champagne and, after some well orchestrated conversation, he was a little horny and very mellow.

We headed back to my place, but as I drove I took a little detour. I told him I was just checking something out and he didn't question it. He tipped his head back, closed his eyes and relaxed. I reached across and stroked his leg, just scraping my nails across the tip of his cock, through the fabric of his trousers, and felt it twitch under my touch. He looked at me and asked 'When can I have you?'.

'Soon enough', I replied, 'I just have another part of your present to sort out'. He knew there was no point questioning me so he tipped his head back and closed his eyes again, savouring my nails stroking his cock.

I drove to the area I know well, from years of working in the town, I was well aware of who frequented these dark streets after daylight had faded. He was still relaxed with his eyes closed, so I took my opportunity to do a quick lap of the busiest streets before I closed in on my 'present'.

When I eventually found her she was gorgeous, not at all what I expected on these streets. I briefly thought 'You could make three times the money with the right marketing (or management) and my god why are you even here?' but then the reason I was there came flooding back. It was for him. And he deserved the best looking girl I could find, regardless of why she was there and how she made her money.

I pulled alongside her, wound down my window and said 'How much to give the birthday boy a blow job while I watch?' She looked through the window at him, and after hearing that, naturally he was wide awake and curious who I had just asked that very specific question. Their eyes met and she smiled, after all he is an incredibly attractive man. She must have been used to men who 'needed' her services rather than wanted them. I noticed some of the men driving around and realised this life would only ever suit a few women. I certainly couldn't have done anything with any of the drivers.

'£40.00 to completion' she answered, in a very business like voice, 'and yes you can watch, you can join in if you want to'. I agreed, thinking how reasonable it was, but then again I'm not aware of what the going rate was!

She opened the rear door and climbed in. I assumed we were going to find somewhere quiet to park the car, but she gave me directions to a house nearby she 'used' when she was working. We drove there in relative silence. He was clearly apprehensive, I was concentrating on driving, and she was working, never expecting a meaningful conversation to be part of the deal. She directed me to a row of small terraced houses and we pulled over at number 170.

The green door had seen better days, the paint on the window was peeling, but it looked clean enough, at least it wasn't boarded up like four others we had passed in the street. She opened the door and went in ahead of us. I was just about to step into the house when I heard her say 'Hi Beryl, alright? Won't be long love'.

I stopped dead in my tracks and turned to look at him. He was grinning like a Cheshire cat, verging on laughing. He gave me a quick nudge and I almost fell into the house, expecting to see Beryl on her sofa. I was definitely not expecting to see Beryl, her husband and two young children all gripped to the TV, not even looking up to see who had just arrived. It must be common for them, second nature to the entire family. I couldn't believe how surreal the experience was becoming.

At this point his smile had slipped and he was back to looking apprehensive, with a teeny bit of astonishment thrown in for good measure. 'This way' she said, and we all climbed the steep, narrow stairs. She took us into the front bedroom, above where Beryl and her family were sitting and all I could think was 'we better keep the noise down'!

She started to take off her clothes and turned to me to say 'I normally take payment before'. I quickly reached into my bag, handed her £40 and watched as she tucked it into her thigh high boots. I then realised I was appearing in a poor mans version of Pretty Woman!

He was lying on the bed with his flaccid cock in his hand, almost praying for an erection. I decided to help him out. I told him to close his eyes and think of me and wrapped my lips around him. He reached into my low top, searching for my hard nipples, as he always did. When he was stiffening in my mouth I took my top off and handed his cock to the professional. She expertly rolled a condom onto it with her mouth and started to suck him, caressing his balls with her free hand.

He reached for my breasts again and I lowered them over his face for him to suck on. I turned to look at her sucking on my mans cock and noticed, although she was the professional, her technique left a lot to be desired. I looked back at him and his eyes were wide open, staring at me, still smiling but having to use his mind, rather than the sensations, to stay hard.

I kissed him hard, passionately, and then looked down at her again. His hands were roaming my body, I could see he was faltering slightly so I helped her out. I massaged his balls and tickled his arse with my nails while she sucked. She then licked his balls while I took him into my mouth, his erection now growing in my mouth. We both licked and sucked at the same time, concentrating on his beautiful cock, while he watched two women working on it. He got harder and harder, and I felt his hand on my back, pressing me down, wanting it deeper. I took his entire length in my mouth as she sucked his balls into hers. I could feel him getting ready to explode, expertly pulled the condom off and replaced it with my mouth again.

His orgasm hit the back of my throat and I caught almost every drop. Some trickled down the shaft onto his balls she was still sucking. She licked it up and looked up at me, winked and moved away.

'You're good' she smiled, as she dressed. 'And he's gorgeous, that was a pleasure.' I smiled back, 'It was for us too, thank you'.

We dressed and as we were leaving she pressed her number into my hand. 'For pleasure, not business, next time'.

We left the same way as we had come, through Beryls lounge, still family filled, and out onto the street. She decided to stay for a cup of tea so she packed us on our way, with a thank you and call me echoing in our ears.

We drove away, laughing. It had certainly been a unique birthday present and one not to be repeated, but it had also been the most surreal sexual experience in a very long time. We talked about it all the way home and fell into bed still laughing. He needed more sex, the reality of the experience was just dawning on him and he was getting turned on thinking about two very beautiful women sucking his cock dry. We made love into the night, with him saying thank you many, many times. If I'd known how much he would appreciate it I wouldn't have bought him that expensive fountain pen!


  1. Yummy. You're awesome woman. =D

  2. Awww thanks so much, I'm so pleased you like how and what I write :) Thank you xx

  3. Nice, now I have an idea for my someone's birthday.