Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Layby ...

We drove into the quiet lay by assuming it was empty. It was well hidden from the road and it was late at night. We were bound to be alone, weren't we? No. We weren't. There were seven cars parked a good distance apart, three trucks interspersed the cars. I looked at him nervously and asked if we should just go home or find somewhere quieter. He smiled, winked at me reassuringly and said 'And miss all the fun?' I knew what he meant and nervously smiled back.

The thought of performing terrified me, but thrilled me too. It was something I had been hoping to try for a while but hadn't dared to broach the subject. Which man would want his woman to perform for other men and be comfortable? My man apparently! We pulled over into a space not too close to any other vehicle. He seemed to know exactly what he was doing and the etiquette involved and turned on and off the interior light. Apparently, that meant there would be a show starting soon and I was the show! It took another five to ten minutes for anyone to move, or come anywhere near the car, the anticipation was palpable. Once one moved they all did. Before I knew it, I had eight men standing around the car. I checked the doors were firmly locked and looked at him expectantly.

He pulled down my top to reveal my bra and reached into one of the cups, tweaking hard on a nipple. 'Go with it' he whispered, so I did. He pulled my bra down and pulled out my breasts, one hard nipple at a time. He leaned over and sucked on them while I closed my eyes. I was avoiding making eye contact with the men leering into the car, but I also wanted to watch what our show was doing to them. It was a dilemma, eventually solved when a man tapped gently on the window and showed me, quite proudly, his fully erect cock in his hand, and he slid his fingers slowly back and forth.

I couldn't resist watching him and after that, I was compelled to watch them all as I was gradually exposed to them, fingered, and probed, licked and sucked. He spread my legs wide putting my feet on the dashboard to open me for the voyeurs. His fingers slid easily in and out of me, my juices soaking his hand. The feeling was sublime, but the audience heightened every sensation. I got wetter as I looked around me, the crowd now increased to ten.

More cars were pulling into the lay by and I wasn't sure where I would draw the line and get scared, but everyone seemed engrossed in the show, not remotely interested in taking it further or causing any trouble. More men arrived around the car, straining to see, every vantage point filled by eager faces, their hands grabbing and pulling on cocks attached to men I couldn't see properly.

My nipples were being sucked hard, very hard, being pulled into his mouth. He looked at me and whispered 'Do you want the window down?’ I looked deep into his eyes and, for no apparent reason I trusted his judgement. I wound the window down next to me. Three hands eagerly pushed through the gap I had created, clamouring to reach me, to touch any art of me they could find. Random hands touched me, finding my breasts, my nipples and one boldly reaching down to my pussy and sliding a finger between my lips. I gasped. I couldn't see the faces of the men touching me. I couldn't see their bodies properly in the dark. I couldn't tell if they were young or old, clean or dirty, fat or thin. Everything was faceless; these hands belonged to no one, these hands touching me, caressing me, pleasuring me. At that point, I didn't care. These people could be anyone and I didn't care. Me!! The choosy, fussy, ridiculous woman with high expectations, who never let anyone touch me unless they had earned the right. Now three strangers were playing with different parts of me and I didn't care.

He was watching the ecstasy on my face, watching the excitement, the pleasure, knowing having strangers touch me was making me wetter than I've ever been. I couldn't take much more, I was so close to cumming, and the hand between my lips was expertly rubbing my clit. He slid two fingers into me and rubbed my g spot, making me gasp aloud. A gruff voice outside laughed and mumbled 'Cor she's liking that'. Many of them grunted in agreement. One hand on my nipple moved away and was quickly replaced by another.

'Get on your knees' he said, 'Suck me now'. I did as I was told, knelt on my seat, and leaned down over his cock, naturally aiming my round bum towards the window. My skirt was pulled up immediately by more than one hand, revealing my bare cheeks and stockings. Several hands scrambled to reach my pussy lips. Several fingers pushed into me, rubbed me, stroked my tight puckered hole, pressed, thrust, and fingered every part of me. Desperately trying to get any contact they could with the only female in the lay by, wanting to touch me so they could smell me, experience what I felt like, possibly taste me off their own fingers, and in so doing it felt like an octopus had been let loose in my pants. So many fingers, so many sensations, I couldn't believe how it felt but literally within seconds these faceless strangers had me cumming, a massive gut churning orgasm, a guttural moan escaping from deep within me but, unlike a lover, these fingers didn't cease. They didn't let up for a second, or gently hold me, letting me come down from the huge release. They continued relentlessly pushing, thrusting, and fingering me until it was almost painful. I tried to move out of their way but, of course, from their accessible position they followed me. There was no escaping them, and they knew that. The followed every move I made, not losing contact with me at any point, rubbing harder when they realised I was trying to move.

All the time I had been sucking hard on his cock. I had been licking it and stroking it with my mouth, swirling my tongue around the tip. Now he could sense I was fidgeting, and he pulled my head up by my hair and looked into my eyes. 'Suck them' he said. I shook my head and he repeated firmly 'Turn around and suck them'.

I couldn't believe what he was expecting me to do but I was delirious and drunk on the situation. I was on a high I couldn't explain. Like a drug, it had taken away my rational thought so I did what he said.

I found myself turning around and reaching for the first cock that was pushed near my open hand. I pulled him to me. It was small, uncircumcised, and not terribly attractive as cocks go. It smelt clean so I curled my lips over the tip and started to suck. I had no idea who it belonged to. I yet again didn't care. I sucked for just a few seconds before I heard him groan, felt his cock twitch and he pulled away, shooting his cum down the side of the car. Someone else immediately pushed him to one side. A much bigger cock replaced his and was pushed into my mouth making me gag. I had no idea how many I was meant to suck, when was I supposed to stop, could I refuse, what was the etiquette? I had no idea and he hadn't told me so I continued with my task and sucked him deep into my mouth. It tasted nice, different from the first. It was incredibly hard which turned me on a great deal, and was actually a pleasure to suck. He also didn't take very long; clearly, the show had made quite an impression on all the voyeurs. However, this time he didn't pull away and waste his cum down the side of the car. He put his hand on the back of my head and pushed my mouth down onto his throbbing cock. I felt it contracting inside me and the he exploded down my throat. The salty liquid hit the back of my mouth, his cock was pushing further down, making me gag while I tried to swallow it all and attempt to breathe. He released my head and I pulled away gasping for air. Just as I thought I was going to get a moments rest my mouth was filled again, another cock roughly forced between my lips, thankfully smaller than the last. I sucked again, knowing he was already close to finishing. I opened my eyes briefly and looked around. I saw many cocks being wanked close to my face, and just as I closed them again, waiting for the next load to be spurted down my throat, I felt something hit my face, something hot, sticky and wet landed on my cheek as one of the cocks being wanked nearby had burst over me. With spunk dripping off my face the cock in my mouth contracted. I braced myself for the mouthful but he pulled back and shot it all over my face, adding to the liquid already dripping off me. As soon as he did, and wiped the last drops on me, some more sprayed my face. The man standing behind him had clearly wanked too close to the edge and covered my face.

Three loads of cum dripping off my face soon became five as two more men stepped forward to empty all over me. I was covered and feeling filthy. At that point a strange mans finger tenderly stroked my face and circled my lips, he pushed it inside my mouth, taking the cocktail of cum with it and swirled his finger around my tongue, making me suck it clean. He repeated the action and I sucked hungrily on it, cleaning every drop off his finger, and tasting five men. He then did the same but this time with his cock, scooping the cum mixture up on his hard member and shoving it into my eager mouth. I cleaned it and sucked him to orgasm quickly while they all watched me, transfixed by how much I loved it. He came quickly all over my face and I looked around. Cocks were still being wanked; some men were on their second time, their cocks staying hard after I had finished them off earlier.

I felt my soaking wet pussy being opened up and stretched apart from behind. He had just been watching what I was doing, stroking his cock while he let me do whatever I wanted to do. He was now clearly feeling neglected and wanted to join in again. He stretched me wide, slid two fingers into me, and buried his face in between my cheeks. He lapped at my flowing juices and spread them to my tight hole, easily slipping a finger in. With two in my pussy and one in my arse, I was feeling full but not full enough. I wanted his cock in me! I pushed back against his hand and face and wiggled my encouragement. I wanted more, much more and now I was feeling filthy I wanted everything he had to give.

I turned around so he could see all the cum drying on my face. He smiled. 'Get out of the car' he said. I did as I was told and stepped out into the crowd. They respectfully stepped aside and let me pass. Their cocks were still held proudly in their hands. I knelt at the front of the car and he pushed his delicious cock into my waiting mouth. He threw his head back and held onto my hair as he pumped my face. I stroked his balls just as he loves and sucked hungrily on him. His cock tasted so much better, this cock I know so well.

His hands moved down to my shoulders and lifted me up to face him. He kissed me hard on the lips, tasting some of the cocktail of cum drying on me. He turned me round, lifted my skirt, and bent me over the bonnet of the car. It felt warm from the engine, my bare breasts pressed into the metal with his hand on my back. He pushed my skirt up to my waist and slowly, gently slipped his cock into my soaking pussy. I groaned in pleasure as I was filled. It felt sublime. I wanted him to fuck me so much in front of all these strangers. Their cocks, still in their hands, bounced in the darkness, as they wanked furiously. Some men were stroking slowly, gripping their cock to stop them cumming. I smiled; the show was exciting them so much they were all desperate to put their spunk somewhere. The thrill of knowing so many people were horny because of us was the most amazing feeling.

His cock twitched deep inside me and my muscles reacted by squeezing him tight. He withdrew his cock to the tip, holding it tantalisingly close to the entrance of my pussy, as I tried to push back to feel him in me. He waited, while all the men watched to see what was coming next. He slammed his cock back into me, harder than he has ever thrust into me. He knocked the breath out of me. My hands searched for something to grasp on to but only found the warm metal of the car bonnet. He pulled out and slammed back into me again, a groan escaping from my throat and then he proceeded to fuck me hard and fast. Banging into me, holding my hips with one hand, pressing me into the warm metal with his other. My legs were trembling with the force of his thrusting; he was almost lifting me off my feet.

His fingers slid up my back and scooped up a handful of hair. He pulled hard on it and lifted my head back. As he pulled, my body lifted from the bonnet and he stopped at the exact moment my tits were free and swinging under me, with my nipples just catching the metal. The men moved to watch them swing, not knowing what to watch as he fucked my pussy hard, repeatedly. My tits were bouncing with each thrust. I strained against his hand pulling my hair, trying to get my nipples closer to the bonnet. He wouldn't loosen his grip so I moved my hands to my nipples and pulled on them, squeezing them and rolling them in my fingers. I glanced around at all the cocks wanking but didn't look at any of the faces. Before I knew it, my fingers had been knocked away by two other hands. They saw it as an invitation to move in. My nipples were squeezed harder and pulled until they were painful, but with my pussy filled and being slammed so hard, and being watched by so many men, my body sensations were on fire, everything hurt but was overwhelmed by the pleasure of the entire situation.

At that point I felt another hand on my pussy. My clit was being rubbed hard while I was pumped. I was already so close to cumming but the strange finger was expertly rubbing exactly where I loved, and I knew I would have to release it soon, I was trying to hold on, savouring the cliff edge I was teetering on.

He had slipped a finger into my tight hole while he was fucking me. He'd used my flowing juices to lubricate it. He slid his cock out of my pussy and pressed it against me. I pushed back, wanting him deep inside my arse. The finger on my clit slowed while he watched his cock slide slowly into me. Inch by inch he eased it in. Once his cock had disappeared completely into me, the finger increased its pace again. He pulled out and thrust into me again and as he did, I exploded with an enormous orgasm. I pushed back into him and nearly slid off the bonnet as I lost my footing. He carried on thrusting, pushing me back onto the car, the finger continued to rub as my orgasm gradually began to subside, and my nipples, still being pulled and squeezed, were on fire, but I felt another one building. I needed another one too!

I could feel his cock contracting in my arse, his thrusts came faster, and harder, I knew he was close. At that point another man, long cock in hand, stepped up to the bonnet. He wanked it furiously and spurted his cum all over my face and the car. I opened my mouth to catch some of it and it landed on my eager lips. At that point the reality of the erotic picture we were all creating took over. My arse was being fucked very hard, my sore clit was being rubbed, my nipples were squeezed until they were burning, and I had strangers cum all over my face. I was about to cum again and so was he. He gripped my hips and slammed into me, even deeper than before, as he came, shooting it as far into me as he could. I came at the same time, my muscles contracting and draining every last drop out of him and into me.

My legs gave way with exhaustion and I slid off the bonnet onto my knees. He stood back and invited the remaining cocks to cum on my tits. They each took a step forward and one by one wanked as I watched. Six men came forward to empty their balls on my round breasts. The liquid splashed on me and I rubbed it into my soft skin. As each stepped forward to finish off on me I smiled at how many men were so turned on by our show. The last cock presented in front of my face was the big one I'd sucked earlier, and rather than wanking over me, he pushed it into my mouth again. I instinctively sucked it, holding it, and wanking it with my mouth and hand. Before long it contracted between my lips and he pulled it out and emptied his balls all over me, to join the cum of so many already rubbed into my skin. He splashed onto me, wiped his cock on my cheek, and walked away. I looked around and realised all the men had gone. In the distance engines were starting, lights were being turned on.

I looked up at him and he smiled. He lifted me to my feet and kissed my lips. He looked into my mascara-smeared eyes, stroked my cum-covered face, and said 'Perfect!' My exhaustion took over and I slumped against him. He took me to the car, pulled my top up to cover my wet breasts, started the engine, and took me home to bed.


  1. Thank you for the compliment, I'm flattered indeed :) xxx

  2. Wordless.... Definitively worth the wait!

  3. Wow! sorry to have missed the show.

    A feel a little limp now having read this post.

    Teriffic Karen, I hope you were safe though!

  4. So pleased you all loved it and it had the desired effect :) and of course I'm always safe :) xxx