Sunday, June 14, 2009

That shop again.....

I sent him a text, simply saying 'Want it?'

I was in town shopping, minding my own business, when suddenly my pussy twitched. This happened often, sometimes too often, during mundane tasks when sex hadn't even crossed my mind.

The text came back before I even had time to leave the shop I was in. 'Yes, now!'

I crossed the square and pushed open the door. He was stood talking very dull business with a customer. He looked up, smiled and said 'I'll be with you in a minute'. I grinned and turned away, thinking to myself 'you'll be in me in a minute!'

The customer took what he needed and headed out of the door. I dropped the latch behind him. 'I need filling' I said, smiling. 'So do I!!' he laughed, a wicked look in his eyes. We ran to the store room and stripped naked, with no airs and graces, no romance, no need for words. I always loved to look at him naked. All that time he spent in the gym had really paid off. His body was firm, muscly and perfect in every way, and always looked even hotter with his gorgeous cock standing straight out in front of him.

We kissed, hard, passionately, searching each others mouths with our tongues. He pulled me away and moved to his gym bag, stored under his desk. He pulled out a purple dildo, with straps attached, each sporting plastic pink daisies. So cute!!

He had mentioned he wanted fucking a few times, but he hadn't got to the point of telling me he had a strap on, especially a cute purple and pink flowery one! I laughed, here in front of me stood a gorgeous body builder, naked, muscles rippling, holding a flowery dildo and smiling.

'Turn round and bend over' I said. He immediately did as he was told. I stepped into the straps and pulled the phallus into place. Once firmly adjusted I stood back and admired the view. I definitely get penis envy when I have a plastic dildo attached to me. I stroked it, wishing I could feel the sensations of a real cock.

He was bent over his stool, his perfect arse high in the air, wiggling, inviting me to enter him. His fingers were spreading his cheeks wide for me, it was so horny watching this man offer himself up to be fucked. I knelt down and buried my tongue and face in his ass, he moaned.

I rimmed him for a while, tongue fucking his smooth hole, relishing the noises he was making, unconsciously stroking my own fake cock, almost wanking myself to get hard before I fucked him. I'd seen guys do it before and loved watching them slowly stroke the full length in preparation for sliding it into me, and here I was doing exactly the same.

I wanked his cock at the same time as my own. Licking and tonguing his hole I reached under and pumped his cock hard. I rubbed the end of it, feeling how wet it now was, and taking some of the juice onto my finger, I smeared it around his crack, sliding it into him, spreading his pre-cum in his puckered opening.

I tongued him a little longer, tasting his juice before standing up and gently edging the tip of my cock into him. He pushed back, easing it in at his own pace. The resistance nudged the cock back into me, rubbing my clit, pressing on it, sending waves of pleasure through me. I didn't want to release the pressure so I just wriggled from side to side, rubbing my clit. He pushed again, urging me to plunge deeper into him. I edged away, enjoying my own pleasure for a while. He thrust his arse back again, so I slapped him hard on his perfectly round cheek. Because of that he increased the pressure, backing into me, wanting to be fucked and spanked but not knowing which he wanted more.

I spanked him hard again, leaving a red hand print on him, and pulled back for a second before slamming my hard plastic cock deep into him. He moaned, with pleasure and pain, as I stretched his hole wide. I started to pump into him, banging my fake balls against his. 'Rub yourself' I said. His hand closed around his rock hard cock and started to slowly slide up and down.

The dildo was pressing on my clit with every thrust, so I increased the speed, slamming into him hard each time, to make it rub me over and over. He was moaning and rubbing his cock harder and faster now. He was getting close to cumming so, naturally, I stopped, frustrating him and watching him deflate with disappointment.

I pulled out and told him to turn over. He sat on the stool, leaning back against the wall and obediently spread his legs wide, like a woman. I could watch him rub his cock while I fucked him now, bringing me double the pleasure.

I slid my plastic erection back into him and watched him wrap his fingers around his hard, wet cock. 'Rub it hard' I said and looking from his eyes to his cock, and back to his eyes, I increased the pace of my fucking, feeling it press into my clit again. He closed his eyes. I knew he was close, so was I. I fucked him harder and harder and reached down between his legs, pulling hard on his balls, digging my nails in and scraping them across the skin of his sack.

That tipped him over the edge and as he started to spurt his spunk all over his chest and tummy I slammed into him one last time and the feeling came flooding over me on the final thrust. Holding onto his legs to steady myself I shook with my orgasm. I stroked his balls gently one more time and he pulled hard on my nipple with one hand while rubbing his hot sticky cum into my tits with his other.

I withdrew the purple phallus from him, and stood holding it for a while, my hand wrapped around its length, just as his had been around his own magnificent cock. 'I want a real one of these' I smiled. He stroked his, now flaccid, penis and said 'You can have this one' and instantly it started to harden again.

He closed the shop for the rest of the day.

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  1. Wow, that makes two very hot posts! I got hard just reading them, and thanks, you have given me some great ideas for the next time I see my own mistress. I know she likes things to be a little rough sometimes, and I am generally a very gentle lover, so you have given me the insight and incentive to change my game now and a again to surprise her ;)