Thursday, July 23, 2009

Naked sunbathing 1......

I had done my naked sunbathing for the day, everyone who follows my blog knows how much I love to lie in the open air naked, getting tickled by long grass getting an all over tan. I was already horny when I left the field, but had no idea what would happen on my journey home.

I was driving back, all hot and sweaty, and wet, when I saw a car parked in a field up ahead. I live in the countryside so I'm always aware of random vehicles parked in obscure places. If its not a tractor then it should be investigated so I slowly cruised past, looked into the opening of the field and saw the Saab parked, two doors open with a man standing next to the passenger door.

It was hard to establish exactly what was happening, but his stature and the direction he was facing, gave me a clue. I have been there many times myself, and I knew what was about to take place. I drove a little further on, heading in the direction of my house, but that sublime twitching in my pussy made me pull the car over to the side of the road. I had no time to lose and reversed into an adjacent field, hid the car beneath a tree and walked towards their car, to see what was really happening.

I peered through the bushes, the hedgerow hiding me and my car, but giving me just enough space to see them well. He was indeed stood at the passenger door, the door was open, and a beautiful woman was sat, twisted to the open door, on the seat. His cock was buried deep in her mouth and his head was now thrown back in ecstasy.

I settled into the bush, pushing slightly further to get a better view and watched her expert technique and his expression, my hand finding its way under my skirt, stroking the soaked lips I found beneath.

He pulled her out of the car and kissed her hard, his cock twitching in the sunlight as he did. She wrapped her hand around him and started rubbing his erection, obviously saying something to him as he kissed her neck, transferring the attention of his hands further down her body. He turned her around and pushed her against the car, placing her hands on the roof and spreading her legs like a policeman about to search a suspect. He reached under her skirt and slid his fingers between her lips, kissing her neck from behind. Her skirt seemed to be hindering his movement, so he quickly pulled on it, yanking it down to her ankles, leaving her naked cheeks open to the elements and increasing the risk of them being caught exposed.

Her perfect arse looked stunning in the afternoon sunshine, with his straight, hard cock nudging between her cheeks. He bent her forward over the passenger seat, pushing her partly into the car, and swiftly slipped his bare cock deep inside her. I gasped, knowing how that would feel and wished he was in me. He wasn't terribly attractive but what he was doing made me want to join them so much. I resisted the urge to bound across the field like a young puppy and beg to fuck them both!

Instead I settled down and spread my legs, rubbing my clit and fingering my pussy in rhythm with every thrust he made.

I could faintly hear their panting, and her moans as he thrust harder and harder, holding her hips. He leaned over and spoke to her and they both stood up. She moved to the front of the car, in full view of the road and anyone who might be passing, and kissed him hard, then turned, bent herself over the bonnet, spread her cheeks wide and offered herself to him.

"Good girl" I whispered under my breath.

He took the offer and mounted her over the car, banging into her hard. Her breasts, free from her blouse, were rubbing against the hot metal, her face pressed into it with his hand on her neck, holding her down. Her moans were coming loud and fast now. I could see the expression on both faces, and could feel my own orgasm building. I had not expected a free live sex show today, but I couldn't have found a more accommodating couple.

I could see their climax building and wanted to try to be quiet so I didn't disturb them, but as they got more and more frantic, louder and faster, I felt myself tip over the edge and called out in pleasure. Just as I did they both came too, immediately stopped moving, still shuddering, and looked in my direction. I kept perfectly still, making sure they couldn't see me but trembling with the after effects of my orgasm.

They collapsed over the car, holding each other for a moment, and moved away to straighten their clothes. She giggled and pointed to her thighs, his cum obviously running down her legs.

They made to leave in the car, as I returned to mine. I drove to the entrance of my field just as they drove past. I saw them both look at me and she turned to look at him. I wondered what would have happened if I hadn't stayed hidden in the bush.


  1. Hmmmm what a fantastic live show... Where was that field again?

  2. I found you on Twitter and have subscribed to your blogs. I love your stories... Big turn-on.

    Now as Kevin was asking, where is that beach you hang out at again?