Thursday, July 30, 2009

Interesting video....

I have recently started playing with a new and very exciting lover, watch this space for more details.

I showed him a video I had watched many times on the net, that not only fascinates me, but turns me on a great deal.

Since we watched it, we have tried it several times, and found the technique truly does work. The man in the video is a god! lol. I would love to thank him personally, but there is no need, as my new lover is getting all the thanks, ten fold :)

We said it would be lovely to share this video with the blogging world, and my Twitter friends, and hope that they manage to achieve this state of ecstasy, because it really is worth the effort!

Please study closely, and enjoy. Its not for the faint hearted, its pornographic, but if you're reading my blog you shouldn't be prudish :)

Enjoy! :)


  1. WOW - that is one hot video. I got so hard just watching it, and I cannot wait to try it out tomorrow. Will let you know how we get on... Whew!!! Maybe I'll just watch it again, one more time ;)

  2. hmmmm, food for thought, but the whole process just seems to treat the woman like a piece of meat. Not uncommon in porn I know, but it lacked any sense of intimacy or connection.
    That having been said, the young lady did seem to be enjoying herself.

  3. I have been watching this video many times myself... and I actually tried it with a girl this weekend.

    I can't say it did work as well as in the video...but she certainly liked it!

  4. Kevin, glad you liked it, and I hear it worked well :)

    Happy, its not meant to be seen as porn, the girl in the video is his girlfriend and its an instructional video for something new to try, and yes it does seem a little brutal but my god, it works. It is not something to do every time, and its not something to be done for long, there is plenty of time for slow sensual love making as well as that. And believe me, from the female perspective, there is far more intimacy and connection with that than a few other things I could mention, there is a great deal of trust, and its a very intimate act, maybe you should try it :)

    And anonymous - I'm glad she liked it :)