Thursday, August 13, 2009

Naked sunbathing 2.....

The latest warm weather has brought me more opportunity for lying in my field :)

Normally I go to my special place on my own. Its my secret sanctuary in the countryside. Its blissfully quiet, green fields as far as the eye can see. The gentle breeze skims across the long grass, carrying the sound of crickets hiding in the undergrowth. The sound is remarkably relaxing, like teeny tiny baby rattles being shaken vigorously in the distance.

Today was slightly different, for the first time I was sharing my field, with sheep, but who in their right mind would object to that? The sun was high in the sky, not a cloud to be seen, and the breeze gently caressed me and cooled my skin.

I had been lying there for a little while, being watched cautiously by the sheep, obviously wondering where my wool was, when I got a text from a very good 'friend' of mine. I hadn't seen him for a while, he was busy 'sorting' things out with his marriage. It was lovely to hear from him, I'd missed our fun.

I told him I was naked sunbathing, assuming he'd be caught up at the office, and never thinking for a minute he would be free. Half an hour later we were both naked sunbathing, in a farmers field full of sheep.

He was restless, men always are when there is sunbathing to be done. It must be a girl thing, lazing around, soaking up the sun, doing nothing else. Men are great at doing all of that in front of a TV sports channel, but get twitchy when its just lying in a field. I assumed it was that anyway, but when his fingers gently tweaked my nipple I realised it was because he was lying next to me, naked and glistening.

Naturally my sensitive nipple responded immediately. He reached across and pulled on the other one too. They stood erect, anticipating more attention. I moaned softly and shifted on my towel. Maybe it was because I had been sunbathing for a while, and my nipples had caught a little too much sun, or maybe because the fresh air made me extra horny, but they seemed overly sensitive today. I tingled from my head to my toes when he put his mouth over one and started to suck, knowing exactly how I like it.

His hand drifted down my body, skimming my skin, finding my lips wet and eager to be parted. I spread my legs accommodatingly, relishing the breeze, feeling like it was blowing directly into me. It was cooling the moisture against my skin and took my breath away, touching me with its windy fingers. He parted my lips and the breeze delved deeper into me, closely followed by his fingers. He rubbed my clit gently and slid two fingers deep into me. I moaned, louder this time, hoping no ramblers or farmers would hear me, but then not caring, knowing I would be making more noise soon.

He pushed his fingers in and out of me, increasing the speed and spreading my moisture around. He pulled them out, rubbed hard and fast on my clit, then plunged them back into me. The sun was beating down on my skin, my breasts getting hotter with the rays and the passion building in me. He kissed me hard, searching my mouth, pressing me into the long grass. He spread my legs further apart, letting the air finger me, spreading me wide and touching every inch of me, the imaginary friend in the horny threesome. He offered me to the wind to be opened and examined by it, pushing his fingers into every crevice with his breezy friend cooling my juices and making me shiver. My whole body was warm, verging on hot, overheating in some parts but freezing in others, wherever my wetness settled.

He spread my juices onto my hard nipples, watching them stiffen even more in the breeze. He sucked the juices off them, pulling them into his mouth and biting gently. I could feel his cock pressing against me, his pre cum tracing lines along my skin. He slid his fingers deeper into me and whispered 'I need to be in there', flicking his fingers, just catching my g spot and making me smile. He climbed on top of me, spread my legs wide and thrust his long cock deep into me.

I moaned and cried out with pleasure. I had been aching for a cock in me since I arrived in the field. The heat was unforgiving, getting hotter by the minute, and as he pounded into me, making me gasp with every hard thrust, our sweat mingled. It was dripping off him and I could feel it landing on me, my own ran down my back, pooling on the grass, soaking into my towel. It ran down every crevice, tickling, stroking me, sticking us together, but the intense heat made it bearable, coupled with the heightened sensations all over my body, it made it excitingly sensuous.

It felt naughty out in the open air, we could have been seen at any time by hikers, ramblers or farmers, not to mention the microlight aircraft that had flown overhead several times, but I didn't care. Fifty people could have been stood around us and I wouldn't have noticed. The long grass tickled me, the sweat trickled off me, the breeze caressed me, and the hard cock pounded into me, over and over.

He had pinned my hands above my head while he fucked me, watching my breasts bounce up and down. He pulled one of my hands down between my legs and I knew he wanted to watch me rub myself while he was deep inside me. I obliged, and in a matter of seconds I was ready to cum. He knew the sensation, feeling the contractions of my pussy muscles around his cock. He slammed into me, harder and harder, and I came on his cock, a long, intense, amazing cum. He felt it and followed me, exploding deep inside me. Gasping, with one last hard thrust, he was spent. He collapsed on top of me and we lay in the long grass until we could breathe again.

I have to let him know next time I go sunbathing, what a shame we live in England with dreadful weather :)

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