Friday, August 14, 2009

A followers story....

Apparently my Naked Sunbathing post inspired a reader to tell of a lunchtime illicit encounter and he asked me to post it on my site for my followers, because it might upset too many people on his blog :) I happily obliged. Hope you enjoy it.


The Lunch Break

We had arrived at work together that morning, nothing unusual about that, I gave her a lift to work most mornings, a favour to a friend. But what they didn’t know was how passionately we had kissed, her tongue searching my mouth, my arms crushing her dainty body, my hands encircling her slim waist, her hands rubbing the front of my trousers, my hardness straining against the thin material. Reluctantly we broke away and drove to work as if nothing had happened.

All through the morning we experienced a building of anticipation, a sexual electricity between us, hands brushing furtively as we passed each other in the corridor, even managing to pinch her bottom, hearing her intake of breath and girlish giggle.

Lunchtime arrived I left in the car, she had already left on foot, we met secretly a short distance away where she had crossed the railway foot bridge. Laughing we drove away to our secret place on the heath. I parked the car, holding hands like teenagers I took the blanket from the boot and we skipped away.

I spread the blanket on the ground and took in the sight of my beautiful lover. She was dressed as usual in an immaculate business suit, white blouse, six inch high heels. She smiled at me in that coy way she knew turned me on stepped off her high platform looked up at me and kissed me plunging her tongue deep in my mouth.

She took off her suit jacket and her white blouse and hung them on a bush, she ripped my shirt from my body and hung it on the bush too, we were like two gypsies. Then she reached behind and undid her bra to reveal her firm breasts and hard rosebud nipples.

She quickly ripped off the rest of my clothes which joined the others on the bush. Quick as a flash my cock was in her hand and she was rubbing me. I turned her round undid the zip of her skirt which fell to the ground revealing her stockings and suspenders. I knelt and slowly pulled down her knickers. She turned and I saw that thin wisp of red pubic hair that was like an arrow pointing to her honey pot, as if I needed directions.

Her hands grasped the back of my head, her legs parted slightly and my tongue found a home. As I gorged on her wet pussy she moaned. 'I want you inside me' she whispered as she sank to her knees and lay, legs apart tweaking her nipples, on our love blanket.

I needed no further invitation and my hard cock was twitching. I easily slipped inside her and began to pump her hot wet pussy. She quickly picked up my rhythm and her legs clamped around my back. Her movement drew me deeper inside her and her pussy muscles tightened around my throbbing cock.

By now we were oblivious to our surroundings only the union of our bodies mattered. Faster and faster we slammed into each other. Then I felt it her pussy tighten, her nails dug into my back, she was about to cum. The pleasure pain heightened my own desire and I exploded inside her as her legs shook around me and her long nails raked my back.

Finally our passion subsided enough for us to realise we had to go. Retrieving our clothes from the bush we dressed quickly. I picked up the blanket, her hand went to my pocket grabbing my still semi-hard cock and rubbing. Stepping into her shoes again she was equal to my height. 'You have a problem' she whispered in my ear. 'I know' I said, 'my cock is still hard and showing'. 'No' she said, 'your shirt is stained with blood'. 'Shit I have a sales meeting this afternoon', and I hadn’t brought a jacket as it was a warm day.

'Quick back to the car, we’ll get you a new shirt'. A trip to the local shops and I was kitted out with a brand new white shirt. We were slightly late back from lunch but no-one noticed.

I never did find out if my wife (now ex) ever noticed my change of shirt. That was 25 years ago, but committing it to paper now it could have been yesterday.

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