Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bad erotica....

I haven't posted for a while, but there is plenty to come soon.  I just thought I'd share a little niggle with you.  I have always been one for good writing (even if mine isn't great), never been a fan of txt spk, and punctuation (or lack of it) drives me mad.  After recently finishing the 'Fifty Shades' Trilogy, I was frustrated with the writing far more than I was turned on by the scenario. It seemed to distract me far too much to enjoy myself.  On this note, I thought I'd let you read an email I recently received - bearing in mind this was the 'introductory' email, the first message, the 'could you be interested in me' taster!  Bad writing is enough to deal with, lack of full stops - annoying, but bad erotica?  Aaarrrghhh!!!  If you want a woman to fall into your arms at least read what you have written before sending it!  And I'm guessing he is cutting and pasting this little corker to everyone he can find :)

Enjoy!  (and this is EXACTLY as I received it - capital letter free!!)

i want to kiss just behind your ears and then tilt your head back kissing your throat and down on to your collar as my warm hands explore then down to your breast kissing and nibbling gently as my had cups your ass cheek pulling you on to me tilting you back on to the bed then kissing down your belly and onto your thy, my hands stroking your velvet silky skin then parting your legs,now moving back up to your most inner sanctum parting you lips with my tong hard stiff tong now slipping in and out curling up in side your sweet pussy now moving down to lick the rim of you ass making you throb with excitement now i give you your chance to reveal my 8" girth pulsating and rock hard for you to lick my shaft then i grab you turning you over holding your hair pushing my rod of flesh deep in your wet pussy pounding and pounding til you cum and cum slapping your ass to raise the blood levels in this now extatic area of your body now with your ass gagging for my hot rod i slowly slip it deeper and deeper as you require then roil you over watching your face scream with joy i cum over your breast then a few seconds break and i start to put my hard rod back into your pussy holding your legs high and feel the squirt of your climax and as you are recovering i tilt your head back and watch as you tack my full shaft deep into your throat then its your turn to go wild with lust xxx

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